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Improve your data centers’ energy efficiency, climate footprint, and uptime. With Danfoss, you get unmatched expertise, experience, and an end-to-end product portfolio of power distribution solutions, units, insights, and support.

How sustainable power distribution helps reach your performance goals

Data center power distribution is not just about finding the right power distribution units. With Danfoss' advanced data center equipment, you can do much more than provide power to your racks:

Our DC Grid solutions help overcome the intermittent nature of renewable energy sources, supporting energy-neutral operations. Our DC grid systems offer exciting opportunities for easy integration of alternative energy or redundant power sources.

And with our innovative and economic redundancy system, we can help ensure a consistently reliable power supply and significantly reduce capital investment. They also facilitate transmission of relevant data for increasingly complex power management systems which use artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize PUE.

We can support you in improving power usage effectiveness (PUE) through reduced power distribution losses. And facilitate intelligent and reliable back-up supply in the event of power outage, ensuring Tier 3 or Tier 4 protection for stable operation of servers and systems.

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Unmatched portfolio of both proven and innovative technology for data center power systems

Highly experienced data center power distribution experts

Global technical support and customer service for data center operations managers, OEMs, installers and contractors, consultants, and owners

Long track record of minimizing data center power consumption, and carbon footprint while securing uptime

What power distribution aspects would you like to explore?

From power supply to rack and back: Danfoss' power distribution units can handle all demands regarding your data center's electrical power system. We can help you design and install power distribution systems and connect new technology that spends less energy while ensuring reliability and uptime.

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Keep your servers humming with advanced equipment and services

Danfoss power distribution equipment for data centers facilitates ideal thermal conditions around server installations while keeping power consumption and CO2 emissions at a minimum. Optimize the capacity of your IT equipment and prevent expensive downtime while increasing efficiency and savings.

Find the right power distribution unit, system, or service

Are you looking for a power distribution unit? Or new solutions for running data centers more efficiently? Contact us for fast and easy support or discover some of our most installed power solutions here.

Cases: How data centers have leveraged sustainable power distribution solutions

Learn how we have helped companies improve uptime, energy use, scalability, and climate footprint with Danfoss' power distribution systems.

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Leverage our unmatched data center portfolio

Data center owners and managers are under increasing pressure to reduce power consumption, all the while uptime and scalability are ever more critical factors. With Danfoss’ sustainable data center solutions, you can have it all.

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Sustainable data center technology

Sustainable data center solutions

Improve your data centers’ energy efficiency, climate footprint, and uptime. With Danfoss you get unmatched expertise, experience, and end-to-end product portfolio.