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Optimize energy use in cold chain transport

Temperature-controlled logistics rely on refrigerated containers or reefers to ensure the preservation and safe transfer of food, beverages and medicine to consumers from the harvesting or production stages. The reliability and system-wide thermodynamic efficiency improvement capability of Danfoss AC drives both ensure a hygienic and controlled environment not only in your reefers, but also in cold stores, food processing plants, food retail outlets and throughout the entire cold chain.

Optimized condition of goods in transport refrigeration

There are many different modes of refrigerated transportation such as reefers, trucks, trailers, trains, buses and ships. AC drives control the applications that ensure goods remain in the best possible condition. They tailor output to demand to optimize energy usage and reduce component wear to ensure the lowest cost of ownership.

A range of refrigeration-dedicated features ensures reductions in costs and energy consumption. For example, during night-time and winter weather conditions when ambient temperatures are lower, the VLT® Refrigeration Drive automatically switches compressors and fans into ‘sleep mode’. The optimum temperature is maintained taking the outdoor temperature into consideration. The drive detects any increase in ambient temperature and reacts by restarting the applications. Controlled refrigeration uses significantly less power which helps to reduce the transportation fuel bill and the level of exhaust emissions. Reliability is vital during the transportation of perishables. Danfoss AC drives ensure that compressors and fans keep operating even during minor power shortages.

Standalone as well as OEM-specific customized drives significantly improve refrigeration system reliability and COP, and lower total cost of ownership.


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