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Ready to upgrade your knowledge during COVID-19 lockdown? #Stayhome and still tap into expert knowledge - directly from your workplace, wherever you are. A great way to stay up to date today, ready for the new developments of tomorrow. Get direct access to our experts, by joining in the Danfoss Drives webinar series. The webinar gives you the chance to learn about the newest VLT® and VACON® drives technologies for your applications. During the Q&A session, you can put your VFD/VSD questions directly to the presenter. 

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Energy efficiency in chemical and petrochemical

Energy efficiency in chemical and petrochemical plants

Learn how to unleash untapped potential in your operations, by using the right AC drives. Danfoss Drives supports chemical industries to reduce energy consumption to achieve climate targets, accelerate return on investment (ROI) and reduce total cost of operations (TCO).  
Presenters: Nicoleta Hajek and Peter Bohlender

Masterclass VLT® AQUA Drive

Masterclass VLT® AQUA Drive

Experience meets expertise in the VLT® AQUA Drive. It takes dedication, skill, and superior technique to deliver sustainable and economic water management. Achieve installation savings, higher installed efficiency, and trouble-free operation with Danfoss. Learn more about edge computing for the supervision of pumps. Join this webinar to discover some of the latest innovations embedded in Danfoss VLT® AQUA Drive. Our presenter will especially explain what “installed” efficiency versus “traditional” efficiency is for a VSD; how to pump supervision is possible without cloud connection; and what is important to look for when aiming at low installation cost.  

Presenter: Mads Warming

Crane app

Make your crane safer & smarter with Danfoss Drives solutions

• To gain in-depth technical knowledge on Danfoss smart features
• To understand how Danfoss helps in increased productivity & maximize uptime with its Integrated Sensorless Antisway Control
• Discover the Danfoss innovative product features for crane applications
• Explore the case studies on how Danfoss Drives helps to make your crane smarter & safer

Presenter: Maulesh Buch & Balu M Sampath

Digital performance

The best in HVAC Drives is now better than ever

• Discover how to achieve 98% energy saving with HVAC optimized drives on chillers & AHU
• Learn Danfoss Pioneering solutions for EMC mitigation & RFI filter in HVAC applications
• Explore what's new with VLT HVAC Drives 
• Explore how Danfoss intelligent drives increase uptime with CBM

Presenter: Jesper Therbo & Deepinder Singh Chani

Free webinars from around the world

Free webinars from around the world

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