Shop parts easier with Coolselector®2 product store integration

Thursday, 9 July, 2020

Whether you are a seasoned user of Coolselector®2 or new to our free calculation and selection tool, you’ll enjoy our latest upgrade. Now, you can quickly and easily transfer your selection results to a shopping cart in the Danfoss Product Store. 
After clicking the button on the BOM in Coolselector®2, your list of selected products will land in the Danfoss Product Store on a list known as "My List". Since the flexibility of Coolselector®2 allows you to select a multitude of products and piping, both from inside and outside the Danfoss product portfolio, you may find that the list will, in some cases, contain products that cannot be purchased from the Danfoss Product Store. However, all products selected in Coolselector®2 are kept on the complete list and remain accessible for anyone with the direct link for 30 days.

The functionality is available both for logged in and anonymous users of the Danfoss Product Store. If you don’t have a login for the Danfoss Product Store, you can instead choose to copy the link to the list and share it with your order handler or local Danfoss distributor.   
To use the new functionality, go to Coolselector®2 (download it for free) and either load one of your existing projects or start a new project from scratch. Calculate based on the operating conditions of your system and select the products to add to your BOM.  
Once you have completed your BOM, click on the ‘Danfoss Product Store’ button and your BOM will automatically be sent to the Danfoss Product Store.   

To find out more, watch the lead developer of Coolselector®2, Morten Juel Skovrup, demonstrate how it works in this video.
Coolselector®2 can be downloaded for free from the Danfoss website. We did complex – you do awesome!