Danish award recognizes Danfoss' online services

Tuesday, 29 May, 2018

The identity of the best B2B e-commerce company in Denmark has just been announced. The prize goes to Danfoss for a platform that allows customers to choose between 600,000 item numbers and to combine more than 100 million of them. According to the jury, Danfoss' webshop was "jaw-droppingly good."

"It's companies like yours that are helping to create growth and jobs in Denmark. You are heroes," were the words from the rostrum as Brian Mikkelsen, Danish Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs addressed an audience of 800 guests at the historic Øksnehallen conference hall in Copenhagen. The Danish E-commerce Association (FDIH) staged the awards ceremony to honor the very best Danish e-commerce companies.

Danfoss received the prize for the best Business-to-Business company on the Internet. "Danfoss has created a unique platform that the jury found allows B2B customers the choice of 600,000 items and more than 100 million item combinations. The solution is hugely complex and involves four ERP systems and 28 languages. The technical innovation and, not least, execution were astounding. A well-deserved prize for Danfoss as Top B2B company of the year,” were the comments from the jury.

A matter of engendering customer loyalty

Bo Hougaard Kramer, Head of Digital Experience at Danfoss Business System, is pleased that several years of legwork on the platform have been recognized in this way.

"At the heart of our efforts was the aim of increasing customer loyalty by making it easier for them to do business with us. What we have put in place is improved access to the information that facilitates a purchase. In addition, we have improved the options for tracking orders after the order has been placed."

Anne-Mette Birkedal Milbo, eBusiness Director, Danfoss Group IT, believes that the web shop is an excellent example of what can be achieved when cooperation is strong.

"The platform is the result of a concerted effort on the part of the Danfoss business areas and 30 IT consultants, developers and project managers from all over the world."

Danfoss' annual turnover online is in the region of 130 million EUR. The new webshop is currently established in two countries and will be available within the next 12 months to Danfoss customers in 55 countries.

A total of 20 Danish companies had been nominated for the prize.

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Engineering the world of Tomorrow

Engineering the world of Tomorrow

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