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Leading the world’s green transition

Our world is changing rapidly. Unforeseen events like the pandemic, supply chain disruptions, and soaring energy prices, have accelerated the need for technologies that enable the green transition.

Global megatrends are more relevant now than ever, generating new opportunities to transform the world and create a sustainable future.

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This is the moment. Now is a unique opportunity to implement green solutions on a greater scale that will lead the sustainable transformation to limit climate change.

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It's time to put words into action

The younger generations are ready for a sustainable transformation. We’re ready too. 

We have a bias for action, and we're confident that engineering will lead the way to a better future. Engineering solves challenges and drives society forward every day, across the world. By rethinking, crafting, building, and transforming, engineering is paving the way to a sustainable tomorrow.

This is where the transformation starts

Across the world, our sustainable smart technologies power industries and cities, secure a reliable food supply, and create healthier, more comfortable indoor climates. They drive the uptake of renewables for tomorrow's smart energy systems, where shipping and on- and off-highway machinery are powered by hybrid and electric motors. 


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Engineering Tomorrow

We have a history of engineering solutions that push the boundaries of what's possible. And our legacy is one of rising to increasingly complex challenges, delivering exceptional results, and meeting the needs our of customers.

Uncompromising focus on quality, reliability, and innovation

With the promise of quality, reliability, and innovation deeply rooted in our DNA, we deliver an extensive range of products and solutions across our business segments of Climate Solutions, Drives, and Power Solutions.