Nicklas - Mechatronics student

Nicklas - Mechatronics student
Nicklas, Mechatronics student

My name is Nicklas, I am a master’s student in Mechatronics, and I work as a student worker at Danfoss.

Mechatronics is a very diverse field, and it consists of subjects such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and embedded systems engineering. In my spare time, I do a lot of cloud-related and high-level programming, and I like to work with IoT technologies that allow us to extract data from devices.

Putting knowledge into practice

I started working at Danfoss three years ago when I was in the 2nd semester of my bachelor's. Currently, I work with IT and IoT transformation, and my task is to collaborate with business segments and transform the way we do IT and IoT in Danfoss. I find my work very interesting because a lot of these segments have similar challenges yet they have different approaches to solving it. Therefore, my team and I are trying to build a framework that could be used for the creation of a common approach towards our digital transformation.

One of my major tasks was to automate the “System Managers”, which are small devices implemented in the supermarkets that take care of refrigeration cycles and store’s lighting. They are used in food retail to sustain the cool chain and to make sure that the food does not go bad before it is sold to the customers. Therefore, I have built an application that automates the monitoring of these devices to continuously maintain the cold chain and to provide a better service to our customers. If my solution is implemented, the customer's monitoring capacity could be improved by roughly 50%. It is amazing that we can now offer a service with which we make sure that cooling always works, and that we are able to offer an even better service to our customers.

Empowered and trusted to act

Danfoss has given me a lot of different possibilities, and I have been able to work as a software architect even though I am a software developer. It is fascinating to be part of a culture where colleagues show a strong passion for energy efficiency and making the world a better place. To me, the most mind-blowing aspect of my job is that I get to work with many people from diverse backgrounds, and that I have so many different tasks.

This is my contribution to making the world more energy efficient.


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