Manufacturer of heat pumps gained substantial cost reductions in Danfoss ADC

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

A global heat pump manufacturer decreased time-to-market and gained substantial cost reductions by partnering up with Danfoss Cooling at the Application Development Center (ADC).

To identify potential improvements in the existing application, a series of heat up and energy tests were carried out at the ADC test facilities. The mission was to detect improvement opportunities such as reduced total costs but also enhanced performance and time-to-market.

The tests aimed to qualify a Danfoss compressor in the manufacturer's existing heat pumps – by benchmarking heat pumps equipped with Danfoss compressors against heat pumps equipped with their existing compressors. All tests took place in the state-of-the-art Danfoss Cooling ADC test facilities in compliance with EN16147.

After agreeing on the test details with the manufacturer, the Danfoss team of engineers conducted five comparison tests during a period of three weeks. To begin with, the team carried out baseline tests with the existing heat pump in the application. Afterwards, benchmark tests with another heat pump were performed.

The technical report concluded that the energy efficiency and the heat up time was at the same level using both compressors. However, the Danfoss compressor is significantly reducing the manufacturer's total application costs – while maintaining the same high performance. Moreover, by having the Danfoss ADC team perform the tests, the manufacturer was able to bring improvements and cost reductions faster to market.


"At our Danfoss Cooling Application Development Centers, we continuously work to discover new ways to advance applications. And with decades of industry know-how and superior technical knowledge, we really make a difference together with our partners."

Alice Riemer
Director, Danfoss Cooling ADC

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"The Danfoss Cooling ADC made it possible for us to bring improvements and savings much faster to market."

Global heat pump manufacturer

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