Manual balancing valves

Heating and cooling systems designed with a constant flow principle circulate large amounts of water. To do that as efficiently as possible, it is important to ensure that the design flows in the different parts of the system are correct. Manual balancing valves are the best option in these types of systems. Once installed, they can be commissioned and set to the design flow without the risk that flows will change due to partial load conditions. For a proper hydronic balance in the system, a series of manual balancing valves are installed, varying in size according to the required flow in specific parts of the system.

Danfoss offers a broad range of manual balancing valves, shut-off valves, measuring tools and related accessories.

  • Flanged valves type MSV-F2 in DN 15 – 400
  • Threaded valves type LENOTM MSV-BD, MSV-B & MSV-O in DN 15 – 50
  • Threaded shut-off valves type LENOTM MSV-S in DN 15 – 50
  • Measuring tools type PFM 5001 & PFM 100 

Features and benefits

Broad product range

With valves in sizes from DN 15 up to DN 400, mounting options with internal thread, external thread or flanges and availability of measuring tools and accessories, there is always a Danfoss manual balancing valve that corresponds to your requirements.

Compact construction

All Danfoss balancing valves are designed to take up minimum space and be easy to install. The removable hand wheel on LENOTM MSV valves is a best practice example of that.