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Did you know 1 out of 5 AC drives are at risk of failure?

Minimize unexpected costs and downtime by ordering a DrivePro® Site Assessment.

DrivePro® Site Assessment is a service for asset management that includes a complete onsite survey and risk analysis of your whole installed base of AC drives.  

Our Danfoss experts look at every drive onsite to record the asset condition, the criticality, and the lifecycle status. Based on these parameters, we calculate a risk result for every AC drive and make recommendations for the product's lifecycle journey accordingly.  

The full analysis is then summarized in a customized and detailed report for you. On this basis, you can build a tailored plan for future maintenance or retrofits to the new generation together with our experts.

How it works

Features and benefits

Complete overview of your installed base of AC drives on-site

  • See the latest lifecycle status of each Danfoss AC drive 
  • Asset criticality evaluation 
  • AC drives condition evaluation 

Detailed site analysis report

  • Asset risk analysis
  • Risk mitigation plan

Interactive expert recommendation

  • Highlight high-risk AC drives
  • Identify potential for improved energy efficiency
  • Selection of services from well-designed DrivePro® portfolio
  • Optimized planning ensuring highest productivity with lowest cost impact


Based on Danfoss installed base data and experience, every fifth AC drive on site is at high risk of failure.

Many factors influence the performance of your equipment: age, environmental conditions, and general wear and tear due to daily usage and load profile. Some factors influence asset conditions directly, impacting uptime of your equipment and increasing maintenance costs.

Regular assessment mitigates risk of failure by updating knowledge of ambient conditions, which can change dramatically after installation over the lifetime of the product and/or application.


Many factors affect the fee charged for the site assessment service, so it is not possible to give an answer here. Your local Danfoss Drives sales office will be pleased to provide you with a quotation, taking into account your own specific requirements. The service has been developed to be inexpensive but effective, and in many cases no charge at all is made.


Recommendations are valid for a year, based on the assessed asset conditions. If the recommendations are not acted on within a year, we recommend having the site reassessed.


While DrivePro® Site Assessment provides an extensive service report with Danfoss expert recommendations, it does not include the implementation or any service actions.

Danfoss will, however, be happy to provide advice and support in carrying out these recommendations as part of a separate contract. 


Yes. DrivePro® Site Assessment provides an analysis and detailed report of all your AC drives, including other drives manufacturers’ brands.


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