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New FIA-140B Strainer for large capacity CO2 Transcritical systems

SVL Flexline™ platform is now expanding to 140 bar MWP to meet an increasing demand of large manual valves in industrial design for large scale R744 CO2 transcritical systems.


FIA-140B Data

Starting up a new range of manual valves

First function in the new and separate range is the FIA strainer housing, with the specific name FIA-140B, referring to the 140 bar MWP. The strainer housings will be available in angle and straight connection in sizes from DN50 to DN100.

It is designed for favorable flow conditions and can be fitted with the existing range of stainless-steel plain and pleated filter inserts from 150 to 500 microns.

Strainer inserts are shared with other FIA valves in the SVL platform.

The FIA-140B strainer is especially applicable in medium and high-pressure part of the CO2 trans critical system:

  • Upstream to HP valve
  • Upstream to By-pass valve
  • Upstream to MT compressors
  • Upstream to Hotgas defrost valves

Feature and Benefits

Range from DN 50 to 100

Straight and angle version valve body

Arrow for flow direction on valve body

Replaceable top part or filter insert

Refrigerant neutral gasket between valve body and top part

Pressure PS engraved in valve body

Buttweld and brazing connections


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