White paper: Designs of Large Industrial Transcritical CO₂ Pump Circulating Systems

Delve deeper into Transcritical CO₂

In this white paper, dig deeper into critical elements, design, and integration of Transcritical systems for industrial refrigeration.

Large transcritical CO₂ systems for industrial use

Learn more about transcritical CO₂ systems and their essential components. Discover how you can effortlessly integrate single or multiple transcritical CO₂ racks with subcritical CO₂ pump-circulated systems or a combination of pump-circulating and DX systems.
This white paper delves into the details of both the hardware aspects, such as valves and pipes, and the control integration necessary for harmonizing subcritical and transcritical control mechanisms throughout the entire system.

Topics covered:

Transcritical CO₂ Pump Circulating System Description and Key Elements

Transcritical CO₂ Operation

Pump Circulated CO2 & Pump/Vessel Control

CO2 Cold Room Control

Controlled Hot Gas Pressure Supply

The Interplay of Oil Management in Transcritical Systems

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