Pumped CO₂ solutions

Danfoss presents the pumped CO2 solution

By investing in a CO2 secondary cooling system today, you protect yourself from ever-increasing energy prices over the next 10-15 years!

Research has shown that an average installation of a refrigeration system using CO2 as a fluid is no more expensive than a system installed using a water-based brine/glycol.

For an experienced installation com­pany it can be cheaper to do a 500 kW refrigeration installation for cold storage using CO2 than a water-based secondary cooling system. Examples have shown that savings on the instal­lation can be up to 12% by using a CO2 based refrigeration system.

Danfoss offers a wide range of valves and controls for both ammonia and CO2 in secondary cooling and cascade applications, including award-winning ICF Control Solution and ICM Control Valves, and also new unique control solutions for pumped CO2 with AKV Electronic Expansion valves.


Find products that suit the pumped CO2 solution.

  • ICM Flexline™ motor valves - Danfoss
    ICM Flexline™ motor valves

    The ICM motor operated valves from Danfoss ICV Flexline™ series are quick and simple to handle, install and service due to their low weight and compact design.

  • Flexline™ platform - Danfoss
    Flexline™ platform

    The Flexline™ platform is synonymous with flexibility within industrial refrigeration. Based on a modular design concept, you will experience that each product features a variety of benefits, including easy selection, installation and maintenance.

Case studies

  • Danfoss Technology Helps to Provide Outstanding Results in Temperature Control and Energy Efficiency in a Dual Temperature Ammonia/CO₂ Fluid Refrigeration System
    Danfoss technology helps to provide outstanding results in temperature control and energy efficiency in a dual temperature ammonia/CO₂ fluid refrigeration system

    Flanagan Foodservice is a leading distribution service company located in Kitchener, Ontario - Canada For over 30 years, Flanagan Foodservice has provided a “customized approach to distribution” delivering sound growth and expansion of their business

  • High-Rise refrigerated fruit storage and distribution Danfoss
    High-Rise refrigerated fruit storage and distribution, using a NH₃/CO₂ fluid system, gives optimum results for stored products and company financials

    Internal transport is done using fully automated cranes and conveyor systems This ingenious system dispenses with the need for people and forklift trucks Forklift trucks are now only used on the dispatching floor, for loading and unloading trucks and containers