Drives for winding and unwinding in industry

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Drives for winding and unwinding in industry

Achieve high winding and unwinding precision whilst saving energy

To improve process reliability, quality and efficiency whilst cutting running costs, apply variable speed control to winders and unwinders in paper, steel, chemical and textile manufacturing processes. An AC drive retrofit can additionally enable higher winding and unwinding speeds without process interruptions, thanks to improved control performance.

For extremely rigorous winder control over a wide speed range, AC drives from Danfoss deliver precisely the correct torque range and resolution. Using AC drives you can therefore achieve high winder precision whilst saving energy.

When the winder or unwinder operates with constant braking cycles, then a Danfoss AC drive offers particular energy-saving advantages. During braking, the winder/unwinder returns a great deal of energy to the DC link of the drive. Normally this energy is dissipated by brake resistors. However Danfoss AC drives can facilitate significant energy savings by regenerating excess energy from the DC link to the mains, or by feeding the energy over the common DC bus to the winder drive.

The advantages of Danfoss AC drive control of winder and unwinder applications also include:

  • higher quality through better torque control
  • increased availability through higher reliability
  • decreased maintenance cost
  • space savings due to compact and lean design of converter cabinet
  • easy integration, installation and commissioning
  • increased energy efficiency

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