Welcome to our Marine Competence Center in Norway

Tuesday, 25 April 2023
Marine Competence Center in Holmestrand, Norway, opening in May 2023

Welcome to our new Marine Competence Center

Welcome to our new Marine Competence Center in Holmestrand, Norway – opening in May 2023. At Danfoss, we want to provide the best possible experience for our customers and partners, as well as strengthen the cooperation between all Danfoss segments. This mission is the core of our new one-stop hub.

Together we can improve the future of the marine industry


Marine electrification is a key element of Danfoss’ businesses in Norway, as well as some other countries in the region, and we are proud to have extensive knowledge in this area. By strengthening the cooperation between the different Danfoss segments we can get closer to our mission of One Danfoss and improve the service we provide to our customers and partners.

The Danfoss Marine Competence Center will be a common area to showcase the large variety of Danfoss products and solutions for the marine industry. This training center will be the hub across all Danfoss segments for knowledge-sharing, extensive training, and cooperation.



A hub for sharing our expertise


At Danfoss, we value our customers and partners and aim to offer outstanding technical support. Additionally, our experts are able to provide extensive training. The Marine Competence Center will be a place where we can provide an even better customer experience through technical training, knowledge sharing, and cooperation between all Danfoss segments. 

Maritime transport emits more than 900 million tons of CO2 annually and is responsible for approximately 2.5 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, and we believe that we can do better. Electrification in the marine industry is the way forward and we are here to help you achieve your marine electrification goals. 

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Clean transportation across Norway’s fjords

Ferries are an essential part of the infrastructure in Norway, where locals and tourists alike rely on them to make their way across the scenic fjords, and between islands and peninsulas. On the west coast of Norway, three ferries serving the Hareid-Sulesund crossing - Suloey, and its sister ferries Hadaroey and Giskoey – make an important contribution to reducing emissions and pollution.

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