New Danfoss Compressors for comfort and industrial heat pumps cut energy use and emissions

Tuesday, 2 July 2024
  • Danfoss releases three new compressors for natural and low-GWP refrigerants: VZN inverter scroll, PSH scroll, and BOCK® semi-hermetic reciprocating HGX56 CO2 T
  • Danfoss provides heat pump manufacturers (OEMs) with expert support in comfort and industrial applications, encompassing system design, performance optimization, simulation tools, testing facilities, and manufacturing simplification
  • Reliable application expertise and proven portfolio deliver flexible system designs, and a streamlined and stable supply chain for OEMs who want to reduce time-to-market


OEMs can accelerate the green transition with new and extended compressor ranges for comfort and industrial heat pumps. The new lineup includes the BOCK® HGX56 CO2 T 6-cylinder semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor for large-capacity industrial heat pumps, PSH scroll compressors for reversible rooftop units and hydronic systems in cold climates, and the VZN inverter scroll compressors for light commercial heat pumps.

Heating and cooling account for half of the final energy consumption in Europe. In its report, “The Future of Heat Pumps,” [1] the International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that by the year 2030, heat pumps can reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 500 million tons, which is equal to the annual CO2 emissions of cars in Europe. Globally, the public and private sectors are encouraging greener choices like heating electrification, heat pump incentives, and low-GWP refrigerant usage.

Commenting on the shift away from fossil fuels, Kristian Strand, Danfoss Commercial Compressors President, stated:

"Building owners are demanding energy efficiency and accountability from their suppliers, which creates a growing demand for sustainable and energy-efficient technologies. Globally, we are seeing the market shift from gas boilers to heat pumps across multi-family housing or office building projects. Industrial/process heat pumps are also gaining traction and play a central role in decarbonizing industries such as Food & Beverage, Chemicals, or Textiles. “

Kristian Strand continued:

“Our comprehensive lineup offers heating capacities in single-circuit configuration ranging from 30kW with the VZN range to 350kW with BOCK® compressors, delivering high water supply temperatures. These compressors enable OEMs to simplify designs, minimize their environmental impact, and comply with directives such as the European EPBD. We are committed to helping OEMs secure today’s deals and win tomorrow’s market position on every type of project.”

Three new compressors offer flexibility and simplicity for any low-GWP or natural refrigerant heat pump.

BOCK® HGX56 CO2 T — simplicity for industrial heat pumps

Ideal for large-capacity heat pumps, the 6-cylinder semi-hermetic BOCK® HGX56 CO2 T achieves water temperatures up to 90°C and offers an efficient alternative to Ammonia and synthetic refrigerants. The HGX56 CO2 T reduces cost, system complexity, and the number of compressors required for large industrial heat pumps, refrigeration, and district heating systems. Now available in most countries, Danfoss expects the HGX56 CO2 T to be available for sell in North America beginning of 2025.

PSH scroll compressors — lower-GWP option in cold climates

The new PSH scroll range compressor is ideal for North American reversible rooftop units and hydronic heat pump systems with higher discharge gas temperature limits. Featuring liquid, vapor, and wet injection, it comes with a full package of qualified components to manage the injection and delivers year-round comfort with a water-supply temperature of up to 65°C/149°F. The versatile PSH scroll range is optimized for new-generation systems transitioning to lower GWP options like R454B.

VZN inverter scroll compressors — twice the power in one unit

For European applications, OEMs can easily transition their heat-pump designs to natural refrigerant R290 for new or renovated multi-family homes. Designed to accelerate heat-pump adoption, the VZN inverter scroll compressor range ensures design simplicity by delivering up to 70kW heating capacity in a single-circuit configuration with less than 5kg charge in the circuit, for air-to-water heat pump applications. Just one VZN compressor delivers a sufficient capacity of 80°C water supply, even in low ambient temperatures.

Heat pumps are critical for decarbonizing heating, and the solutions announced today are pivotal in enabling the success of these applications. Danfoss innovations will continue to support professionals who make the green transition possible. Currently, Danfoss delivers up to 70% of the bill of materials for an air-to-water heat pump and has plans to release additional products this year. The MCE 2024 award winner Alsmart® Universal Controller platform will come to market in the course of 2024, as well as R290-optimized brazed-plate heat exchangers, further supporting the increasing demand for heat pumps, including in residential single-home setups.

Danfoss supports the green movement by offering OEMs a trusted all-in-one partner for design, build, and optimization across all low-energy heat pump applications.

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