More Danfoss Optyma™ condensing units qualified for ECA

Monday, 3 June 2019

From 1st June 2019, a total number of 60 models from the Danfoss Optyma™ range of packaged condensing units are now on the ETL approval list, making them eligible for an ECA. The range includes Optyma™ Slim Pack, Optyma™ Plus and Optyma™ Plus INVERTER.

Businesses that purchase products listed on the ETL can claim an Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA), a first year 100% accelerated capital allowance that delivers all available tax relief in 1 year. This is equivalent to approximately 5.5 times the benefit of standard tax relief in the year of purchase. Businesses that purchase products listed on the ETL can also make significant energy savings.

Mark Fiddy, Commercial and Specification Sales Manager at Danfoss, states: “Danfoss are proud to have further expanded their products listing on the Energy Technology List, a government list of energy-efficient products used by businesses. The Optyma range of condensing units all come fitted with Micro Channel Heat Exchangers as standard, which reduces the refrigerant charge, and equates to lower operating costs. End users, installers and specifiers can benefit from selecting Danfoss packaged condensing units”

Capacity modulation in a simple and adaptive package

The Optyma™ Plus INVERTER condensing unit offers capacity modulation which increases food safety and reduces lifecycle costs. A single unit can handle the load demands of multiple display cabinets or cold rooms running at different temperatures and continuously match the load fluctuations. Temperatures are precisely maintained, and the electricity consumption reduced, providing up to £988 of annual electricity savings.

For medium temperature applications from 1.7 to 9.3 kW and with lower GWP refrigerants, such as R448A/R449A.

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