Danfoss to showcase natural- and synthetic refrigerant-based solutions at Busworld 2023

Wednesday, 6 September 2023

Danfoss is pleased to announce its participation in Busworld 2023, taking place at the Brussels Expo on October 7-12, 2023. This will be the first time the company will exhibit at the trade show since acquiring BOCK GmbH in March 2023. Danfoss representatives will be on-hand to demonstrate the entire line of BOCK mobile CO2 and low-GWP compressors – including the CO2 StarCO2mpressor with its innovative 'star' drive design – as well as the corresponding components for an efficient thermal management of buses.

Danfoss’ exhibit will focus on new and improved compressors for bus air conditioning units. “Traditional and electric buses around the world rely on our compressors as key components in their air conditioning units. As a result, we’re constantly adapting our compressor line to changing market requirements and new regulations," says Ulrich Frey, Product Manager Mobile Applications at Danfoss. "At Busworld, we’re excited to show updated versions of existing products, and reveal some of our newest innovations within natural refrigerant solutions."

Spotlighting mobile CO2 compressors

One of the exhibition highlights will be the mobile CO2 compressor, StarCO2mpressor. “We’ve been an early mover in developing efficient, reliable compressors for natural refrigerants,” Frey explains. “In this context, functionality, cost-effectiveness and climate protection must go together. We’ll demonstrate this to exhibition visitors using our StarCO2mpressor, which is available as a 4- and 6-cylinder version.” The compressor’s innovative “star” engine design offers numerous advantages. It features the lowest overall height and weight in the industry and offers the widest frequency range for several performance requirements. “It’s particularly advantageous for energy-saving and environmentally-friendly heat generation with a CO2 heat pump to achieve a significantly higher vehicle range,” says Frey. “The compressor has been installed and proven thousands of times since the start of series production in 2019.”

Booth visitors will also see Danfoss’ newly expanded portfolio of semi-hermetic BOCK CO2 compressors. The new model variants on display at the exhibition will include the transcritical CO2 compressor HGX24 with BOCK flexxCO2NTROL technology for digital capacity control – a perfect match for applications where compactness and weight are not the highest priority. This new compressor type impresses with its high efficiency and excellent running smoothness. Danfoss will also introduce a variant with energy-efficient LSPM motors and a UL-certified version for the North American market.

BOCK HG34 series offers flexible and future-proof solutions

Also on display will be the newly expanded line of BOCK HG34 compressor series, featuring an aluminum design for synthetic refrigerants, blends and – as a something new– hydrocarbons. The well-proven design offers several advantages, including low weight, high efficiency and durability. It’s also easier to repair and more sustainable when compared with full hermetic solutions. The compressors come in different variants and with special accessories, which allow customers to adapt them to meet their specific requirements.  "For example, our compressors can be used with A2L refrigerants, such as R1234yf or hydrocarbons, which makes them perfectly suited for future-proof use in electric buses," explains Frey.

A natural fit for Busworld 2023

According to Stephane Nassau, President of Global Sales at Danfoss Climate Solutions, Busworld 2023 is also the ideal setting to introduce BOCK as a part of the Danfoss family and showcase the natural fit between the two companies and the innovative, sustainable product portfolio they offer customers. “We want to make a statement with our appearance at Busworld. Thanks to the combined decades of experience with our companies, Danfoss can offer a dynamic product portfolio that will accelerate energy efficiency and the global transition to natural and low-GWP refrigerants. We look forward to showing Busworld visitors how our solutions can help create a more sustainable future for our customers and the environment.”

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Products and Solutions at BusWorld

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    TGE is an innovatively designed series of thermostatic expansion valves for fluorinated refrigerants. TGE has copper connections upgraded to high-pressure applications for hermetically tight soldering, and is available with a wide variety of connection types and sizes.

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