Urban Rigger

Turning the urbanization challenge into a solution

With 180,000 people worldwide moving to cities every day, the search for new solutions to housing issues intensifies. On top of solving the challenge of space, we also need to make sure that new housing solutions are attractive, efficient and gentler on the environment.

Finding a sustainable answer to today’s urbanization challenge means exploring the undiscovered resources in our cities.

Urban Rigger view from the top

Thinking smart depends on collaboration across stakeholders

The Urban Rigger project shows how thinking smart can lead to creative ways of solving housing challenges. Like placing buildings on water, rather than land. Developed by Kim Loudrup of Udvikling Danmark in close collaboration with Bjarke Ingels and architects from BIG, these floating dorms are an ambitious attempt to meet Copenhagen’s student housing challenge.

Made out of upcycled shipping containers, construction of the prototype was finished in the summer of 2016 and the Rigger is now located in the city’s harbor. Along with its modern style, the green benefits can also make people feel proud about living there.

Bringing sustainable student accommodation to European harbors

Engineering visionary architecture
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Using water as a resource to solve the urbanization challenge.
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