Students and graduates

Postgraduate program

A great start to your career
This two-year program gives you the opportunity to play a vital part in four different projects, each of six months’ duration.

The first project will be ready and waiting for you from day one. You then select the subsequent projects together with your mentor, based on your profile and learning needs. In each project, the project owner provides coaching and guidance on a daily basis. At least one of these projects will be completed outside your home country.

Start your career and gain your first work experience at Danfoss. We offer various opportunities for students and graduates to learn from some of the world’s top engineers.


A great way to get qualified
Learn from the industry’s experts and broaden your horizons. Choose to start your professional career in any one of four areas of expertise that are highly relevant for the future, particularly energy and climate. You can gain strong qualifications in different technical, mechatronic and administrative careers. Regardless of which path you take, we actively support your development and provide individual options for growth. Our experts have an excellent reputation around the world and help you to make the most of your personal talents.

Apprentices welcome, too
For our plant sites, we are also seeking apprentices who want to learn a skilled trade.

Master thesis

A successful collaboration
A unique opportunity is to write your master’s thesis in collaboration with Danfoss. As a global company engineering tomorrow, we are your ideal partner. Our range of business areas provides you with a variety of options.

You can formulate the topic of your thesis yourself or we can help you. Either way, we support you throughout the writing process. Leverage our data, experiences and other relevant sources to ensure successful results. By collaborating with our international teams and colleagues around the world, you’ll have the unique opportunity to build relations and add contacts to your network for your future career

Internship and student job

An invaluable experience
An internship is an investment in your future, so there’s no better place to get started than at Danfoss. We offer exciting, real-life experiences for qualified students. Explore your different career options and gain a good view of how a global company operates, with clear processes and a value-based culture. 

Students from all fields are welcome
Particularly if you are majoring in business or engineering, you will find a innovation-driven workplace in Danfoss. We let you put your theoretical knowledge to the test in genuine projects.

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