Simple operation with SonoApp

One of SonoSelect’ s key features is that all its advanced functionality can also be controlled via smartphone using the innovative SonoApp.

Complex functions can easily be programmed and routine adjustments have been made faster to access and simpler to carry out. The high level of usability reduces errors and ensures minimized installation time.

Features and benefits

Enables full configuration and reconfiguration control

One-step verification of all system parameters

Designed for simple, accurate installation

Quick and easy to change meter settings

Access to data log memory for fast and accurate diagnostics

Quick and simple pairing, with no paperwork

Continued re-configuration and data access ensures efficient meter handling.

Keychain SonoDongle

SonoDongle is a simple Bluetooth™ connector that enables easy communication between phone and heat meter via SonoApp. It connects to SonoSelect™ magnetically, ensuring secure and stable connection to the meter.

Compatible with Android (OS), it automatically connects to SonoApp.

Working with SonoApp


Everything the installer needs in one place: 

  • Simple to use and easily accessible
  • App can be used to set all advanced functionalities 
  • Always available and up-to-date


SonoSelect™ offers state-of-the-art ‘diagnostic’ features via the SonoApp – at a level that has only been known in process industry meters up to now.


  • Easy readouts, even under poor visibility or access conditions
  • Manual readout can be performed via SonoApp
  • Meter display does not need to be visible to perform a reading 
  • Makes it easy for caretaker/janitor to take a reading
  • Easy for small independent housing associations to make simple sub meter calculations


The display function provides useful extra benefits:

  • Local display language
  • Access point for data when e.g. commissioning control valves