Heat pumps in retirement home, Northampton, UK

Wednesday, 1 October, 2014

Bridgewater House operated by South Northants Homes, consists of 29 individual dwellings for retired people. The not-for-profit housing association manages around 2,900 homes, took the opportunity to upgrade a retirement home with Danfoss heat pumps heating system. By installing heat pumps, the housing association was looking to significantly reduce its energy bills and carbon footprint.

Heating for all the dwellings and common areas is now provided by ground source heat pumps, which take their energy from 21 energy wells sunk to 125m depth in the grounds of Bridgewater House. Bore holes were used due to the limited amount of land available in this urban location, which meant horizontal ground loops were not an option. Flats within Bridgewater House are part of a communal scheme, with a central plant room located in an outbuilding which comprises 3 Danfoss Heat Pumps (DHP-R 35kW) units which supply sufficient heating for all the dwellings, plus the common lounge and kitchen areas.

Prior to the renovations, heating was supplied through electric storage heaters. A new radiator system was therefore installed to meet the space heating requirements of the dwelling to ensure they remain comfortable and warm even during the very coldest winter weather. Bridgewater House was also upgraded with loft insulation to further enhance the thermal efficiency of the building.

Doug Grace from South Northants Homes said: “We wanted a much greener source of energy and heat pumps have proved to be very good at reducing our energy costs and providing a comfortable, warm environment for residents and with a much lower environmental impact.” “The tenants are absolutely delighted. Many have said how much warmer their homes are now the heat pump has been installed and the fact that the temperature is more consistent as it is left running continuously. They were really delighted with the installation team - especially as they went out of their way by building the residents a a new greenhouse. This was a great surprise and very much welcomed by the residents many of whom are keen gardeners!”