Heat pump in residential house, Denmark

Friday, 20 March, 2015

The Jensen family has cut their heating bills in half

"It was an easy decision to choose a Danfoss heat pump. Our heating engineer promised us it would deliver the best performance on the market – and it certainly has proved its worth so far! We are now saving half on our yearly heating expenses and we are quite amazed about how easy the installation was and how silent the pump runs." - Ingrid Jensen

Energy saving heating

When Ingrid and Poul Erik were to exchange their old gas boiler, high heating expenses as well as the wish to become independent of natural gas, made them look towards renewable energy sources. A heating engineer recommended an air source heat pump from Danfoss which proved to be an ideal heating solution for the family.

After 20 years using gas boilers, something new was to happen for the Jensen family. Like many other Danes, the couple had witnessed increasing energy prices, so began to look at the advantages of becoming independent of fossil fuels.

When the Jensens were planning a minor renovation of their house in Tofterup, it was a perfect opportunity to consider an alternative to gas or oil, and switch to sustainable energy sources. ”We were looking for a solution which would be beneficial for the environment and for our economy, at the same time a system that would not demand making drastic changes in our house, garden or lifestyle” explains Ingrid Jensen.

The good advice made all the difference

”We had heard about ground source heat pumps and talked about geothermal heat before, but our garden was too small for the ground loops. Instead, our local heating engineer asked if we had thought about an air source heat pump, specifically the DHP-AQ heat pump from Danfoss.”

Taking the engineers advice, the Jensens decided on this revolutionary technology for their home, but Ingrid was anxious about the scope of installation; from time scales to the disturbance would cause the family.

”All works connected with the installation went unbelievably quick, and was simple to integrate into our existing plans. We were insulating the lofts and installing underfloor heating in parts of the house, and the heat pump install caused no issues, not even integrating the indoor and outdoor units of the heat pump. We are extremely happy with our heat pump – hot water is supplied in an instant, the indoor climate is comfortable and it just feels good to use energy with a clear conscience; environmentally and economically.”

The sound of energy saving

DHP-AQ’s sound levels is one of the lowest available on the market, therefore the heat pump can be placed practically anywhere around the outside of the home.

“We knew that some heat pumps could be rather noisy which was a concern of ours before buying, but ours is only barely audible even if you stand close to it in the garden! The indoor unit is completely silent, so you can have it installed in your utility room or kitchen if you want” says Ingrid.

The Jensens chose to place the indoor unit where the old gas boiler was before, hidden behind a sliding door. ”The installer suggested us to camouflage the outdoor part, but I liked the clean lines of the design, so I planted a small flower bed around it in order to integrate it into the garden’” says Ingrid.

The best in tests

The DHP-AQ was tested with 10 other air/ water heat pumps available on the market, with Danfoss’ solution proving to have one with the highest annual efficiencies, which translates to providing the highest possible savings on heating bills (the test was conducted by the Swedish Energy Agency in September 2011).

Recommending the heat pump 

The neighbors of the Tofterup couple followed the installation process with great interest. Now, when they hear how much Ingrid and Poul Erik are saving on heating, they find it difficult to believe. ”We recommend a Danfoss heat pump to all our family and friends, and if they are sceptical, we just show them our subsidiary meter (a separate electricity meter for the pump), which indicates what we are going to save during the year, which is currently 50%. And then they want one like this, too”, concludes Ingrid with a smile.

This is the solution which the Jensen family chose

DHP-AQ air source heat pump 9 kW + MAXI Indoor kit

The heat pump produces heat, hot water and cooling by means of absorbing energy from the air outside. The machine consists of two units: an outdoor unit, i.e. the heat pump itself, and an indoor unit with an integrated steering device and a 180 litre hot water tank made of stainless steel.