ASV automatic balancing valves in buildings in 4 streets, Jonkoping, Sweden

Tuesday, 8 September, 2015

The existing two-pipe heating systems in these buildings were build using conventional manual balancing valves. From March to August, in 2012 and 2013, an energy analysis has been conducted in the buildings.

Working together with Jönköping Energi

The property owner of Västerkåkar, Bo Hallin, decided to join forces with the local Jönköping Energi and Danfoss. Jonkoping Energi is a Swedish municipally owned energy company that offers its customers sustainable solutions. They performed the energy analysis for the targeted buildings and came up with a full renovation plan. This renovation included:
• Installation of new balancing valves
(Danfoss automatic balancing valves ASV-PV)
• Installation of new thermostatic valves and radiator thermostats
(Danfoss thermostatic radiator valves RA-N and radiator thermostats RA series)

The services offered by Jönköping Energi also included optimization and monitoring of the property for continuous improvements and energy efficiency (e.g. additional insulation and replacement of windows).
The two-pipe heating system was commissioned by Danfoss engineers. Proper commissioning delivers the best possible heat distribution, with the right distributed flow to the radiators and the right differential pressure over risers and radiators – also at partial load conditions.
“The renovation delivered the owner and, of course, the tenants a lot of beneficial results. There is better control of when and where energy is used. An even heat distribution is maintained and can be manually controlled by tenants via the radiator thermostats in their houses. All in all these improvements lead to reduced energy costs, improved indoor comfort and less environmental impact. It was great to be able to team up with Jönköping Energi for this project. Danfoss and Jönköping share the same mindset towards creating a greener world”, says Anders Gustavsson, Danfoss technical support in Sweden.

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