Pressure switches for wind turbines

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Accurate pressure control for wind turbine applications

Today, the increasing energy demand and the need for a cleaner environment, has resulted in heavily investments in renewable energy world wide like Wind Turbines. As the demand for sustainable energy increases, there is a growing need for highly efficient, robust and reliable wind turbines. The proven reliability of our products helps secure the optimal uptime of the turbines throughout their life.

Danfoss Industrial Automation provides a range of robust pressure switches for almost all applications in the nacelles of wind turbines, ensuring reliable system operations.

Product range

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    MBC 5000, block-type compact pressure switch

    MBC pressure switches are used in marine applications where space and reliability are the most important features. MBCs are compact pressure switches, designed according to our new block design to survive in the harsh conditions known from machine rooms onboard ships. MBCs have high vibration resistance and feature all commonly marine approvals. The fixed, but low differential guarantees accurate monitoring of critical pressures. MBV test valves can be delivered as standard option for MBC pressure switches.

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    KPS, heavy-duty pressure switch

    In the KPS switches series, special attention has been given to meeting important demands for a high level of enclosure, a robust, compact construction and resistance to shock and vibration. The KPS switches range covers most outdoor as well as indoor application requirements, and are suitable for use in alarm and regulation systems in factories, diesel plant, compressors, power station and on board ships.

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    RT, pressure switch

    The RT single pressure switches series consist of a variety of ordinary controls including neutral zone pressure switches, safety pressure switches for steam boiler plant, and gold plated fail-safe controls for applications in which safety or economical consequences are critical factors.

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    KP / KPI, pressure switches for light industry

    Danfoss KPI pressure switches are used for regulating, monitoring and alarm systems in industrial applications. The KP series are suitable for plant in connection with liquid and gaseous media.


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