Automatic balancing valves

Two-pipe heating and cooling systems are characterized by changing conditions due to valves opening and closing depending on the demand for heating or cooling. This continuously causes flow and differential pressure changes.

Without proper measurements, such systems suffer from uneven heat distribution, noise and energy inefficiency. Automatic balancing valves are the best option for these types of systems. Once installed, they optimize the system under all possible loads by controlling the differential pressure. In combination with pre-setting valves ensuring the correct flow through each radiator, and floor heating loop or cooling Terminal Unit, the system is optimized for the best possible temperature control, energy savings and noise reduction.

Danfoss offers a broad range of automatic balancing valves, partner valves and related accessories.

  • Return pipe mounted differential pressure controllers type ASV-P and ASV-PV 
  • Flow pipe mounted partner valves for ASV, type ASV-BD, ASV-M and ASV-I
  • Flow pipe mounted combined automatic balancing, flow limiter and zone control valves type AB-PM


Features and benefits

Less complaints

The right balance will be there under all loads, resulting in less to no complaints regarding uneven heat distribution or system noise.

Better temperature control

With the automatic balancing you will achieve better temperature control in the rooms.

Energy savings

No overflows will occur in the system anymore, resulting in no waste of energy.

Save on commissioning

There will be no measuring needed for adjustments, which will mean significant savings on commissioning costs.

Effective project planning

Projects can be handled and handed over in stages, making project planning and execution easier.

Automatic balancing valves video

This animation shows how automatic balancing valves can be a great solution to improve the performance of a heating system and reduce costs at the same time.