Frost heave prevention system

In cold stores, ice stadiums, etc. the temperature is always within the range of –20 and –30 °C, however cold leak occurs even if the floor is insulated properly. This means that materials which are in contact with the soil, such as foundation and floor areas, will absorb the cold and let the ground freeze. Water, contained in the soil, will change volume when turning into ice and can cause substantial damage due to frost erosion.

Danfoss offers reliable and energy efficient cable heating systems to prevent frost heave and ensure frost protection of doors drain lines and firefighting piping. Danfoss has supplied various range of such systems to 5 continents over many years.

Frost heave protection

The main object of heating in the frost  heave prevention system is to provide frost protection of foundation in premises where temperature is constantly maintained below zero (cold storages, ice stadiums, etc.).

Protection against condensation on floors

In doorways between cold stores and heated rooms condensed water may form on the floor: opening and closing of doors causes the constant shifts between cold and warm air. This can result in dangerous and operation-limiting ice formations on the floor or in the door opening and therefore, the floor in these areas must be heated.

Freeze protection of doors and gates

Typically frost protection systems are used for: sliding doors, swing doors, gates in car washes, doors in cold stores, roller edges in water treatment plants etc. The installed output for gates and doors of cold rooms is typically 15-20 W/m per each door seal. For swing doors and slide bars of outside gates, the installed output must correspond to the output used for ice and snow melting systems, e.g. typically 250-350 W/ m² (C-C = 7,5 cm).