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Danfoss offers a comprehensive heating cable program - there is a Danfoss floor heating system suitable and optimized for every purpose imaginable. Heating cables are mostly used in connection with new-builds or with larger renovation projects, where a completely new floor construction is laid out.

We have always placed professional installers at the center of our design and innovation process. We constantly talk to both Danfoss and non-Danfoss users, finding out as much as we can about how our products function in practice and what improvements you would like to see. Danfoss ECflex is the result.

In designing the Danfoss ECflex cable, our engineers focused on improving both ease of use and durability. As a result, Danfoss ECflex is even stronger, more flexible and more reliable than the established EFTPC product it replaces. To improve ease of installation, we have given both the cable and the cold lead of Danfoss ECflex a round profile to prevent curling and make it easier to bend. It also features fully screened twin conductor cables and an easy-strip, reinforced single-cable cold lead. Danfoss ECflex is cost-effective, versatile, easy to install, exceptionally durable and fully compliant with the IEC 60800:2009 product standard. It can be used in various applications:

  • New-build or renovation

  • Concrete floors

  • Pipe-tracing

  • Danfoss Reflect system for wooden and laminate flooring

  • Single-use concrete hardening (special 30 W/m output version)

Features and benefits

Easy installation

For any room in your home and any type of flooring

A fault does not mean that you have to rip up the whole floor

Electric heating – the choice for low-energy houses

Less dust in the air

Danfoss ECflex comes with a unique 20 year warranty that not only covers cable replacement, but also the cost of installation and floor materials.

Room heating with Danfoss heating cables

Heating cables are mostly used in connection with new building or with larger renovation projects, where a completely new floor construction is laid out.


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At Danfoss, we find it of great importance to deliver high-quality products with lasting effect. We offer you the best warranties in the market of the electric heating system. The Danfoss warranty is a series of 4 individual best in the market warranties to give you full peace of mind while using Danfoss products in electric heating systems.

For Danfoss electric underfloor heating products purchased per 1st of September 2013 we maintain following warranties: 20-year; 10-year; 5-year or 2-year warranty, depending on the product group.

For heating cables we maintain:

20-year warranty

Danfoss products with a 20-year warranty 

  • Danfoss heating cables: Danfoss ECflex, Danfoss ECsafe, Danfoss ECsnow, Danfoss ECasphalt, Danfoss ECaqua, Danfoss ECbasic
  • Danfoss heating mats: Danfoss ECmat, Danfoss ECcomfort, Danfoss EFTCC, Danfoss ECsnow, Danfoss ECasphalt, Danfoss ECheat

All related accessories come with our 2-year warranty.

The products involved will in the event of a fault that can be tracked back to a manufacturing defect in the Danfoss product be repaired or replaced free of charge. This warranty includes costs of installation and floor materials such as damage to bricklaying and tiles. To apply for this warranty the installation must be performed by an authorized installer and the warranty certificate has to be stamped, signed and provided.