Electronic controllers (ECL) are intelligent temperature regulators for district heating and domestic hot water systems. By means of weather compensation and application keys, they can be adapted to a variety of district heating systems, ensuring a high level of comfort and optimum energy utilization.

The range covers very simple electronic controllers with traditional analog operation as well as advanced electronic controllers with a fully digital interface.

A common feature of all controllers is that they are easy to operate. The more advanced controllers of the ECL Comfort range use intelligent USB-key technology, and the illustrations of the graphical display on the controllers make it simple to get a quick overview of the system.

With the ECL controller or ECA remote control unit, all navigation and interaction take place by turning and pushing the dial on the front panel. All menus and system data readings are shown on the graphic display in your native language, and the logical menu structure makes operation smooth and intuitive.

There are no blinking lights or arrays of buttons and switches, but the possibilities are unlimited. This ensures correct commissioning and easy day-to-day operation, which in turn leads to optimum comfort and reliability.

Features and benefits

Electronic heating controller enables you to save on installation and commissioning time, reduce unplanned maintenance, benefit from a shorter learning curve and reduce energy consumption

Easy isntallation and commissioning with a range of ECL Application Keys

11 - 15% savings or more on your energy consumption in the building, as well as reduced CO2 emissions.