• Overview

The VACON® CX series of drives is in the Inactive phase and has reached the end of its lifecycle. Danfoss offers an extensive portfolio of low-voltage drives and can help you select the optimal replacement drive for your application. Danfoss’ lifecycle management model recommends replacement using the DrivePro® Retrofit service.  

Inactive: A drive in the Inactive phase has no spare parts or service options available. Operating a drive whilst in this phase may result in unpredictable process downtime due to wear or failure.  To avoid these risks, we recommend retrofitting with a new-generation replacement drive, to bring the latest technological advantages to your application.

Successor Products

The VACON® 100 INDUSTRIAL is a workhorse for a wide range of industrial applications. The easy-to-use and robust motor controls improve the reliability and efficiency of all AC motor types, including induction, permanent magnet, and synchronous reluctance motors.

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VACON® NX series drive is designed to meet the most demanding requirements for flexibility, robustness, compactness and service-friendliness. It is a safe choice for any application and available in the 0.55 kW to 2000 kW power range.

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