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Functional extensions are options which increase the flexibility of an AC drive by extending I/Os and by providing dedicated interfaces for a wide variety of feedback devices.

This I/O option extends the standard inputs and outputs integrated in the drive.

Main specification

  • 3 digital inputs, supporting PNP logic 
  • 2 digital outputs, configurable PNP, NPN, push-pull, pulse range 0-100 kHz
  • 2 analog inputs: 0/4-20 mA, 0 to 10 V DC, -10 to +10 V DC
  • Temperature sensors: Up to 3 PT100’s can be connected in series to the input. PT1000, Ni1000 (A/B), KTY81, KTY82, KTY84
  • 1 analog output: 0/4-20 mA
General Purpose I/O OC7C0

This I/O option offers an extended number of control inputs and outputs. 

  • 6 digital inputs, single-ended
  • 2 digital outputs, configurable PNP, NPN, push-pull 
  • 1 isolated thermistor input 
  • 2 analog inputs: -20/0 to +20 mA or -10/0 to +10 V
  • 1 analog output: 0-20 mA or 0-10 V 
  • 3 relay outputs 
    • 2 x NO, NC 
    • 1 x NO 
    • 250 V AC 3 A max. (50/60 Hz) 
    • 24 V DC 2 A resistive load 

This relay option makes it possible to extend relay functions with 3 additional relay outputs.

Main specification

  • 2 x relay output NO/NC
  • 1 x relay output NO
  • Maximal terminal load (AC-1): Resistive load: 250 V AC, 2 A
  • Maximum terminal load (AC-15): Inductive load: 250 V AC, 0.2 A
  • Maximum terminal load (DC-1): Resistive load: 80 V DC, 2 A  
Relay Option OC7R0

The Encoder/Resolver option supports connection of various devices as speed/position feedback or reference.

The following device types are supported:

  • Incremental encoders with 2 or 3 channels (TTL, HTL, SinCos without zero pulse)
  • TTL encoder simulation output 
  • Absolute encoders (SSI, EnDat, BiSS, Hiperface, Hiperface DSL)
  • Resolvers

Depending on the device type, you can connect 1 or 2 devices. Up to 2 feedback systems can be connected. Learn more from our operating guide. 

Encoder/Resolver Option OC7M0

Use the temperature measurement option to measure and monitor application temperatures or to protect the motor from being overheated by monitoring the temperature of motor bearings (2 pcs) and motor windings (3 pcs).

Main specifications

  • Sensor inputs: 5 channels
  • Sensor connection: 2-wire, 3-wire, or 4-wire
  • Sensor support: Pt100, Pt1000, Ni1000, KTY types
  • Support 2 x Pt100 & 3 x Pt100 in series in same measurement channel
  • Temperature range: -50-200 °C
Temperature Measurement OC7T0​

Use the voltage measurement option to measure AC sinusoidal voltage or DC voltage. The option measures line voltage, frequency, and voltage angle information.

Main specifications

  • Measurement inputs: 2 channels, 3-phase, or DC
  • Measurement connection: 3-phase or DC, screw terminals
  • Measurement range: 0-759 V AC or 0-1354 V DC
  • Measurement bandwidth: DC–20 kHz
  • Measurement accuracy: ±0.5 % of nominal
Voltage Measurement OC7V0​

Compatible products


iC7-Automation Frequency Converter

iC7-Automation Air-Cooled System Modules

iC7-Marine Liquid-Cooled System Modules

iC7-Hybrid Liquid-Cooled System Modules

General Purpose I/O OC7C0 X X x  
I/O and Relay Option OC7C1   X X X
Relay Option OC7R0 X


Encoder/Resolver Option OC7M0 X X    
Temperature Measurement OC7T0 X X X X
Voltage Measurement OC/V0     X X


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