Turbocor® - VTX

Expanding oil-free technology to higher capacities

The Danfoss Turbocor® VTX1600 compressor brings the benefits of oil-free, magnetic bearing technology to larger capacity chillers.  The 450 ton / 1600 kW nominal capacity rating allows for a multiple compressor configuration up to 3600 tons / 12,660 kW or larger. 


The VTX1600 compressor, optimized for water-cooled chiller applications, uses an advanced aero design that gives industry leading full-load efficiency with no performance degradation over the life of the compressor.  Combined with the advanced IGV design, the VTX1600 provides outstanding unloading capability even at constant entering condenser operating conditions.


Danfoss Turbocor® VTX Compressor

The Danfoss Turbocor® VTT and VTX oil-free, magnetic bearing compressor, optimized for water-cooled applications.

Turbocor fact sheet - Danfoss

Turbocor® fact sheet

Danfoss Turbocor® portfolio of oil free centrifugal compressors, models TT, TG and VTT, deliver innovative technology that reduces operating costs and maintenance for your air conditioning applications.

Features and benefits

Up to 450 ton / 1600 kW using R134a and an economizer

Optimized for water-cooled chiller applications

Advanced aero design provides industry leading efficiency

No performance degradation over the life of the compressor