Telecom DC compressors

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Reduce running costs in telecom cooling and save up to 250W per hour*

BD250GH.2/BD350GH with 48 V DC for telecommunication battery cooling.

In areas relying on battery power for up to 16 hours a day, be ensured that BD compressors will ever cool your battery at 25°C and thus optimise their life lasting. Secure your signal and save your maintenance and replacement costs.

Battery drain being a big issue, BD compressors will allow you to:

  • Use an energy efficient direct current (DC) compressor with a high COP.
  • Build a cooling system that can run on batteries, solar cells and wind turbines without needing conversion to alternating current (AC).
  • Simplify the design of the overall system and ensure maximum performance.

*Compared to other solutions that rely on AC and 230 V AC conversion.

Technical leaflet - Danfoss

Technical leaflet

Download the technical leaflet for BD250GH.2 direct current compressor R134a

Products advantages & customer benefits

Functions ... ... that reduce total system cost for you:
  • nominal 48 V DC power supply
  • protection against wrong polarity
  • evaporator & condenser fan control
  • allows direct supply from battery w/o DC/AC converter
  • no additional device needed and easy to install
  • no additional controller needed
Functions ... ... that reduce energy consumption for you
  • direct connection to batteries
  • DC permanent magnet motor
  • 40-100% speed control
  • ECO function
  • no power loss in conversion from DC to AC
  • higher efficiency motor
  • better efficiency at low load and higher system COP
  • saving energy and reducing noise
Functions ... ... that reduce service costs on your application:
  • fan failure detection
  • start & stop delay
  • battery protection
  • PCB temperature protection
  • safety feature, easy trouble shooting
  • safety setting that gives higher reliability
  • avoid drainage of battery / increase lifetime
  • protection of PCB from overheating


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The truth is Cool(selector®2)

Coolselector®2 features unbiased calculations for the selection of refrigeration and air conditioning components based on the user’s requirements or based on standard operating conditions.



COMPASS is a software program that helps you to find the best Danfoss alternative for compressors for replacement. The purpose of COMPASS is to provide a direct comparison between Danfoss and competitor products.

Avoid counterfeits

Identify and fight counterfeits of Danfoss products

Watch out for counterfeits to protect your image

Fake products give your business as well as our company a bad name. Therefore, we are doing everything we can to fight the counterfeits. Read more about how to make sure that the product you buy is genuine Danfoss quality.