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100 % tested and programmed according to your precise specifications

Whatever you are looking for in appliance controls you will find it in the wide range of temperature control products delivered by Danfoss. The comprehensive product range includes among others CFC-free electromechanical thermostats for refrigerators and freezers, produced to precise customer specifications, as well as service thermostats for all refrigeration and freezing applications.

All Danfoss appliance controls are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for high quality and environmental protection.

The key advantage of the electromechanical thermostats is the simple functionality that allows high reliability, freedom in design and quick service. So far more than 342 million of the versatile Danfoss thermostats have been installed worldwide to prove our leading position and reliable solutions.

If we haven’t got what you need, we will make it for you – that is our philosophy. We are renowned in the industry for our constant innovation and refusal to compromise. We work hand-in-hand with our customers from the first idea to the final product to discover the highest performing cooling solutions for the specific application.

Appliance controls from Danfoss are 100 % tested and programmed according to your precise specifications. They are supplied with a range of safety features of choice including for instance control of compressor and defrost settings.

At Danfoss we are always at your service and we guarantee you competent consultation and servicing before, during and after purchase.

Features and benefits

The highest quality solution possible

Stand-alone and customer specific solutions

Long life time

Lowest ppm-rate

CPK value

Precise operation

Easy installation and maintenance

Stand-by 24 hours 7 days a week

Enhancement of the profile of your company

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Reliable Partner

For almost 80 years, Danfoss has been designing thermostats aimed to meet your exact needs in most applications such as refrigerators, upright and chest freezers, liquid and bottle coolers, reach-in coolers, wine coolers and ice banks. Danfoss Appliance Controls thermostats are available in an amazing range of functions and models, both from stock and custom built to your own specifications.


Avoid counterfeits

It used to be very easy to find out whether a thermostat is a genuine Danfoss quality or it is a cheap counterfeit copy. It isn’t any more, since the counterfeit copies on the appearance are copied down to a very detailed level. However this is still only what you can see. In reality there is a big difference. Danfoss thermostats are produced on the most automated production line in the world for this kind of products. We developed our thermostat for fully automated assembly back in 1980 and since then we have continued to optimize these production lines.

Counterfeit and many other electromechanical thermostats in the market are not designed for automated assembly, and hence a large part of it is manual assembly.

Anybody with knowledge about quality will know that producing quality as we do is much better than sorting out quality. Automated operations and processes can be repeated 100% in the same way each time, but manual operations not (change of operator will slightly change the way of doing).

This is the reason behind our high quality level and very low market rejection rates.

Should you ever be in doubt whether you have been offered a genuine Danfoss electromechanical thermostat, please do not hesitate to consult with us at any time.


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