Fire fighting systems for industrial buildings

SEM-SAFE® fire fighting solutions for industrial buildings

The Danfoss high-pressure water mist for fire protection is extremely well-suited to areas where disruption of the manufacturing process has to be reduced to a minimum in the event of a fire, and where there is sensitive equipment installed.

SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist offers ideal fire protection for a wide range of industrial factories and areas, such as:

  • Generator area
  • Engine area
  • Industrial production lines area
  • Cable tunnels area
  • Food processing factory
  • Pulp and paper factory
  • Textiles factory
  • Chemicals factory
The intelligent use of use of water

The intelligent use of use of water

Imagine a fire fighting system that puts out the fire in seconds, with minimal consumption of water and water damage, giving you the best possible protection. With SEM-SAFE® – the unique high-pressure water mist system from Danfoss– that is exactly what you can get.

SEM-SAFE® is a high-pressure water mist fire fighting system that uses micro droplets released through nozzles into protected areas. It comprises a high-pressure modular pump unit, section valves, piping and water mist nozzles. 

Improved safety and reliability

  • The SEM-SAFE® system activates locally where the fire is detected, catching and extinguishing the fire quickly
  • The system has been documented to be harmless to electrical equipment with at least IP 22
  • It prevents shock cooling of cast parts
  • Water mist cools cables and metal so that no heat damage occurs
  • Faster activation than gas-based systems
  • Increased safety for people working in the factory
  • High-pressure water mist is safe for people and the environment

Minimum water damage, due to lowest possible water consumption.

  • Minimum water damage in case of a fire
  • A water mist system uses 90% less water than a drencher system and most of it evaporates, leaving minimal amounts of water after a fire
  • All piping is stainless steel. The dispersed water is clean