Underfloor heating - hydronic

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The most comfortable and energy saving method to heat residential buildings

To achieve that level of comfort and energy savings, the floor heating system needs to be correctly designed, constructed and contain the right quality components.

Danfoss offers everything you need to establish a sustainable floor heating system. For every application, for heating as well as cooling, for new-build or renovation and for single family houses as well as apartment buildings.

How we can help you

Comfortable warm floors
Floor heating provides comfortable heating, as your feet are kept comfortably warm while your head is kept slightly cooler. Most people find this difference in temperature between feet and head most comfortable.

Comfort and energy savings
Equally and comfortably distributed heating makes it possible to lower the room temperature and still feel warm. For every degree the room temperature can be lowered, 5% energy is saved. In addition, floor heating does not require nearly as high supply temperatures as radiators, since floor heating has a larger surface from which the heat is emitted. Heat sources such as gas boilers run more efficiently at low temperatures, as used for floor heating.

No radiators, easy cleaning
Radiators collect dust – and cleaning around them is difficult. Floor heating is hidden under the floor and makes cleaning a breeze.

Less dust in the air
Due to the large heating surface of floor heating, less dust is whirled up. Warm radiators move a lot of heated air upwards from the grilles – and the dust travels with it.

Dry up wet floors
Most people are familiar with the problem of water on the bathroom floor. With floor heating, water evaporates quickly and the floor becomes dry and safe again.

Related products

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    Panels and pipes

    Danfoss floor heating panels establish the basis for a hydronic floor heating system. The Basic system contains 3 different panel models; BasicClip, BasicRail and BasicGrip. With these you can easy establish a wet (in-screed) floor heating system. For dry systems our SpeedUpTM panels are available.

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    Room controls

    To ensure hydronic (water based) underfloor heating or cooling systems achieve the expected high level of comfort and low energy consumption, good room temperature controls are essential. They control the room or floor temperature to avoid overheating. For optimal comfort each room has it's own room thermostat.

  • AB-PM connection sets
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    AB-PM Automatic balancing valves

    AB-PM is a combined balancing valve providing both differential pressure control and flow limitation. The valves eliminate pressure fluctuations at full load and partial load conditions and can be equipped with an actuator to allow zone control.

  • Gear actuator AME435 QM

Highlighted products

  • The desired room temperature differs from say living room to bedroom.
  • Floor heating is automatically reduced or turned off when the desired temperature is met which lowers your energy bill.
  • Therefore room control is even a legal requirement in some European countries.
  • The Danfoss water supply system (manifolds) has pre-setting valves. They ensure that the right amount of energy (heated water) is distributed to each room.
  • Comfort levels are thereby reached with the least energy consumption.
  • Temperature setback during vacation, night or daytime can be scheduled or activated whenever you want.
  • Save 5% energy for every degree you lower the room temperature.
  • Floor heating lets you control the heating based on floor temperature or room temperature  – simply set a temperature that feels comfortable!
  • The unique and patented infrared room thermostat as available in the CF2+ and Danfoss IconTM systems lets you control the floor surface temperature accurately.

With wireless room thermostats, furniture can be placed as required without having to rewire

If you schedule a desired temperature for eg. 06:00 in the morning, the adaptive learning will calculate when to initiate heating, in order to reach the desired temperature in time for breakfast.

Tools and apps

You can easy dimension your floor heating system with our quick planner.