Resilient Drives Solution for Steel Manufacturing Applications

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Resilient Drives Solution for Steel Manufacturing Applications

Danfoss offer AC Drives solution that are suited for the steel and metallurgy industry operating at extreme environmental conditions.

Key Value Proposition

Back-channel cooling:- 90 % of the heat dissipated by the drive is passed via the back channel, Only 10% of heat dissipated via front door fans (less airborne contamination)

Panel-through cooling:- Enables heat losses to be directed outside the panel room and into designated air ducts. It can withstand any harsh Environment ambient temperatures of up to 50 °C

Reduced dust over electronics:- Complete separation between cooling air and internal electronics, ensures trouble-free operation.



Case Stories

The Robust, reliable AC drives for significant CAPEX and OPEX savings in Steel and Metallurgy Industry

VACON® drives maximum uptime at the Czech Republic’s largest steelworks

To ensure reliable 24/7 operation of continuous casting, system integrator Ingeteam chose VACON® NXP drives to regulate the electromagnetic stirring (EMS) process at the renowned Třinecké železárny a.s., the largest steelworks in the Czech Republic.

Enabling precision in manufacturing strong steel rails

Engineering, installation and commissioning of the VACON® NXP common DC bus units at Baogang’s new production line were handled by Vacon’s system integrator partner TRIED, a major player in the Chinese automation engineering and metal industry

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