Energy efficient Oil free compressor for future-facing HVAC industry

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oil free turbocor

Step into a high performance, energy efficient & sustainable future

Danfoss Turbocor® compressor - the world’s first oil-free magnetic bearing compressor, is 35% more energy efficient and is future-ready to meet the forthcoming regulatory norms.

oil free magnetic bearing compressor

Magnetic levitation technology

Our Magnetic bearings technology is the secret behind the most efficient, reliable, quiet, and low maintenance centrifugal compressor in the world – Low Loss & High Gains.

Friction-free magnetic bearings eliminate the cost of those inefficiencies and the maintenance costs associated with oil service.

Benefits & features

How you and your commercial building benefit with Turbocor

lowest iplv of 0.29 kw/ton
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What makes Turbocor a highly energy efficient compressor?
Turbocor is an intuitive compressor with a built-in Variable Frequency Drive which optimizes the speed from as low as 20%, all the way up to 100%. Turbocor-powered chillers have the Industry Leading IPLV which help the chiller achieve 5-star rating by Bureau of Energy Efficiency, India.
How is Turbocor's oil-free technology better than conventional chillers’?
The cutting-edge, oil-free design of Turbocor eliminates the need for an oil management system which in turn, prevents the drop in performance & efficiency over the chiller’s lifetime.
How Turbocor’s Maglev Technology makes it a better compressor?
Turbocor delivers the highest pressure ratios in the industry for air-cooled chillers. Its unique design & operational efficiency provide higher system reliability & lower Total Cost of Ownership.
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How does Turbocor start with a low starting current of just 2 amps?
The low starting current of Turbocor reduces the need for high electrical infrastructure investments. A low in-rush current on the motor leads to longer motor life.
How Turbocor protects itself from outages or fluctuations?
Turbocor senses voltage fluctuations in 0.5 ms and uses its onboard capacitor banks as energy reservoirs to coast the shaft down and de-levitate for a smooth shutdown, until the power is restored.
What makes Turbocor an intelligent compressor?
Turbocor captures and stores up to 250 data parameters from various sensors and components, providing intelligent insights to the user with the option to analyse and review performance.
How is Turbocor eco-friendly and future-ready?
Turbocor works with the environment-friendly refrigerant HFC-134a. It’s equally efficient with the upcoming Low GWP refrigerant R-513A & R515B and Ultra-Low GWP refrigerant R1234ze.
compatible with green refrigerants with ulta low gwp
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