HVAC Solutions for Hospitals

  • Overview

Energy-efficient HVACR Solutions for Hospitals – Building a healthy & Sustainable future

Danfoss futuristic HVACR technologies ensure safe, hygienic indoor conditions and thermal comfort to patients by maintaining precise temperature control and clean environment, which contributes to the well-being of patients, doctors, and the medical staff and prevent the spread of diseases.

HVACR Systems for Hospital buildings

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) plays a vital role to safeguard patients, as poor IAQ may lead to the spread of severe illness and the spread of air-related contaminations. Recent studies suggest that enhanced IAQ is highly effective in reducing aerosol transmission of COVID-19 viruses, results similar to vaccinating 50-60% of the population.

Danfoss energy efficient HVACR solutions offer cutting-edge technologies for a reliable performance to meet the critical demands of 24/7 operating environment of healthcare facilities. Our Hospital HVAC solution helps achieve precision in temperature & indoor climate, thereby reducing the wear & tear losses and enabling safe & hygienic environment for patients, visitors, doctors, and medical staff.