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Energy-efficient HVACR Solutions for Hospitals – Building a healthy & Sustainable future

Danfoss futuristic HVACR technologies ensure safe, hygienic indoor conditions and thermal comfort to patients by maintaining precise temperature control and clean environment, which contributes to the well-being of patients, doctors, and the medical staff and prevent the spread of diseases.

HVACR Systems for Hospital buildings

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) plays a vital role to safeguard patients, as poor IAQ may lead to the spread of severe illness and the spread of air-related contaminations. Recent studies suggest that enhanced IAQ is highly effective in reducing aerosol transmission of COVID-19 viruses, results similar to vaccinating 50-60% of the population.

Danfoss energy efficient HVACR solutions offer cutting-edge technologies for a reliable performance to meet the critical demands of 24/7 operating environment of healthcare facilities. Our Hospital HVAC solution helps achieve precision in temperature & indoor climate, thereby reducing the wear & tear losses and enabling safe & hygienic environment for patients, visitors, doctors, and medical staff.

HVACR solutions for Hospital Applications

HVACR Products for your Hospitals

Turbocor oil-free compressor

Turbocor is the World’s 1st Oil-Free compressor that uses magnetic levitation technology which helps it to reduce the chiller operating costs to the minimum. Turbocor is an energy-efficient, reliable, smart and futuristic compressor that ensures maximum uptime and performance for the chiller. 

•       Industry lowest IPLV of 0.3 Kw/Ton to achieve 5-star rating by BEE, India.

•       Lowest starting current of 2 amps, for longer motor life.

•       Zero mechanical wear & tear

•       Inbuilt Variable Frequency Drive

•       Complies with Low GWP and Ultra Low GWP refrigerants 

Variable Frequency Drive - VLT® Series

Designed to deliver high reliability and lower total cost of ownership across chillers, Air Handling Units (AHU), pumps, cooling towers and ventilation fans. VLT® Drives functions relentlessly under extreme climatic conditions to deliver unparalleled performance even in harsh temperatures.  

•       Condition-based monitoring detects anomalies real-time.

•       Smart logic Controller analyses retrieve data for better performance

•       IP 66 enclosures- robust & reliable performance without derating

•       Features HVAC-specific communication protocols, such as BACnet/IP.

•       Integrated EMC filters minimize RFI

AB-QM 4.0 - PIBCV and NovoCon

Danfoss NovoCon® is the first of its kind the digital actuator that connects BMS with hydronic HVAC systems, enabling Internet of Things. Combined with associated Pressure Independent Balancing and Control Valve (PIBCV), enables completely automated and controlled process, this allows to save time and solve installation and operation errors quickly and effectively.

•       High-accuracy control and exchange valuable data with BMS system 

•       Enhanced indoor comfort through precision in temperature control.

•       Real-time insight and perform predictive maintenance

•       Plug-and-play connectors with remote control for hassle free and quick installation

•       Independent pressure balancing reduces energy consumption which increases ΔT.

Refrigeration Controls:

•       Pressure Switches & Thermostats- The pressure switches and thermostats are designed to monitor your processes with great accuracy and protecting your medical equipment.

•       Valves- Danfoss check valves for a wide range of refrigeration applications for hospitals are designed for flexibility.

•       OPTYMA™ Slim Pack - Highly efficient plug and play condensing units designed for higher preservation safety and longer shelf life, suitable for hospitals due to low sound level operation.

•       Filter Driers- Ensure fast and effective adsorption of moisture as well as organic and inorganic acids. High drying capacity prevents the risk of acid formation in the refrigeration system.

•       Electronic Controls- Ensure accurate control and operational reliability through Adaptive Defrosting, self-diagnosis and automatic fault detection.

Heat Exchanger

The micro channel heat exchanger (MCHE) is ideal for hospital air conditioning systems for its all-aluminium compact lightweight design and being immune to galvanic corrosion. The aluminium construction makes it one of the most sustainable solutions in the market due to its high strength, sealed design and recyclable materials.

·       No air gaps in the joint, leading to high performance in heat transfer.

·       Unique gasket system, prevents misalignment and offers easy assembly. 

·       Reduced noise levels due to unobstructed airflow– suitable for hospital applications.

·       Up to 25% thinner plates with D-plate technology

·       Extended operational uptime with no cleaning needed

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Buildings that are sustainable and energy-efficient with Turbocor

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