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Step into a high performance, energy efficient & sustainable future

Climate change is real, and today’s HVAC system are expected to be stipulated as per the regulations demand to meet energy and performance efficiency. Danfoss Turbocor® compressor - the world’s first oil-free magnetic bearing compressor, is 35% more energy efficient than the conventional chiller.

The future-ready oil free technology enables the HVAC professionals to design the system that can be upgraded as per the forthcoming regulatory norms. The magnetic bearing technology eliminates the need for an oil lubrication and further reduces the associated maintenance costs and increases the uptime of the chiller.

Magnetic Levitation Tech

Why the smart magnetic levitation technology?

Instead of why, let’s stick to why not! Here are your reasons to choose Turbocor, your HVAC engineers can enjoy the noise-free chiller plant rooms with no more hassle errands of oil lubrication. Friction-free magnetic bearings eliminate the cost of those inefficiencies and the maintenance costs associated with oil service. Hence less wear & tear and improved long service life. Our Magnetic bearings technology contributes to the most efficient, reliable, quiet, and low maintenance centrifugal compressors available in the market. Let’s get you the smartest Oil-free magnetic bearing compressor, all you to have to do is drop-in your details.

Benefits Proposition Blocks

Lowest IPLV of 0.29 KW/Ton
What makes Turbocor a highly energy efficient compressor?
Turbocor is an intuitive compressor with a built-in Variable Frequency Drive. With varying load, the Variable Frequency Drive optimizes the speed from as low as 20%, all the way up to 100%. During very low load conditions, Turbocor uses both speed and an Inlet Guide Vane to achieve industry-best unloading capabilities. Turbocor-powered chillers have the Industry Leading IPLV which help the chiller achieve 5-star rating by Bureau of Energy Efficiency, India.
How is Turbocor's oil-free technology better than conventional chillers’?
In conventional chillers, over time a layer of oil forms over the heat exchanger tubes, which degrades the performance & efficiency of the chiller. The cutting-edge, oil-free design of Turbocor eliminates the need for an oil management system which in turn, prevents the drop in performance & efficiency over the chiller’s lifetime. Also, Turbocor ensures no oil changes and zero maintenance on the drivetrain, thus reducing associated maintenance costs & increasing uptime.
How does Turbocor’s Magnetic Levitation Technology make it a better compressor?
Turbocor features a Magnetic Levitation design which ensures zero contact, thus leading to zero mechanical wear & tear and no drop in performance over time. Turbocor also delivers the highest pressure ratios in the industry for air-cooled chillers. Turbocor’s unique design and operational efficiency provide higher system reliability thus resulting in lower Total Cost of Ownership. Turbocor also offers lower noise levels and vibration-free operation.
0 drop in performance over the lifetime of the chiller
Lowest Starting Current of just 2 amps
How does Turbocor start with a low starting current of just 2 amps?
Turbocor uses a low starting current of just 2 amps to power the motor. The rotor levitates with the help of powerful permanent magnets and is positioned with electromagnets within the magnetic bearings. The low starting current of Turbocor means there’s reduced need for high electrical infrastructure investments. Also, a low in-rush current on the motor leads to longer motor life.
How can Turbocor protect itself from power outages or extreme fluctuations?
Turbocor is a smart compressor with a host of intelligent features. During power outages or extreme fluctuations, Turbocor senses voltage fluctuations within half a millisecond and uses its onboard capacitor banks as energy reservoirs to coast the shaft down and de-levitate for a smooth shutdown, until the power is restored. Also, the cooling system keeps track of temperatures across electro mechanical components to maintain optimum temperatures.
What makes Turbocor an intelligent compressor?
Turbocor is so intelligent, it monitors itself using Data Logging, Events, and Alerts. It can capture and store up to 250 data parameters received from various sensors and components, providing the user with the option to analyse and review performance. Turbocor also interfaces with Chiller Controllers, thereby providing live data for better integration with chiller. The Turbotool app gives all relevant information for service personnel to carry out inspections of the compressor.
How is Turbocor an environment-friendly and future-ready compressor?
The future of refrigerants lies in Low GWP refrigerants. Turbocor is available with environment-friendly refrigerant HFC-134a that has no Ozone Depletion Potential. However, it is future-proof as it can work equally efficiently with a Low GWP refrigerant R-513A and R515B and Ultra-Low GWP refrigerant R1234ze. Transition to the more sustainable refrigerants that are compliant to regulations will be seamless in Turbocor, as it can be done with just a software update.
Compatible with Green Refrigerants with an Ultra Low GWP < 1