Legionella prevention, the smart way

Monday, 24 September, 2018

For many years Danfoss has played an important role to establish safe Domestic Hot Water systems in hospitals, hotels, multi-family apartments and other buildings. Now our MTCV thermal balancing valves and new CCR2+ electronic controller for automatic disinfection have been significantly improved to your benefit.

Thermal balancing

The basis of a safe and energy efficient Domestic Hot Water circulation system lies in the thermal balance. Thermal balancing valves are installed in the circulation pipe of each branch in the system and set to a required minimum water temperature. By controlling the return temperature, the DHW system is automatically and dynamically balanced. The thermal balancing valves optimize the performance, improve the user comfort and prevent the dangerous legionella bacteria to grow.

MTCV upgrade

Danfoss MTCV has been a reliable and robust thermal balancing valve for many years. Now it has been upgraded to be even better. Inside the main cone has been improved by using a POM polymer instead of a metal. This material is more hygienic and especially interesting because of its smooth surface, preventing water particles to attach themselves to the cone. The other inner materials that are in contact with the water are now made from lead free brass, increasing the life time value. The valve body is made from Bronze Rg5, the highest standard for materials installed in DHW systems.

Smart DHW system control with CCR2+

A DHW system equipped with MTCV thermal balancing valves can be expanded and optimized by adding our completely renewed CCR2+ electronic controller. The controller automates temperature monitoring and stores the data. CCR2+ provides a modern, digital, experience by access via a Wi-Fi or LAN connected PC, tablet or mobile phone. In buildings with a Building Management System (BMS) the controller can also be integrated into that via RS485 RTU or IP Modbus.
As result, the DHW system turns into a smart, connected, system providing real time status at any place and any time. The full insights and remote control offer many benefits such as to have a quick intervention in the event of a malfunction.

Automated disinfection increases energy efficiency

The CCR2+ is not only designed for remote monitoring and control. In combination with MTCV-C disinfection modules and TWA thermal actuators, the DHW system becomes a fully automated temperature control system with optimized disinfection process. The system can periodically be disinfected by flushing it with an extra high water temperature of up to 78°C according to a pre-defined time schedule. This is to kill any legionella bacteria’s that might be in the system. This provides a highly energy efficient use of the DHW system as the temperature set on the MTCV can be lowered for regular operation hours without loss of safety aspects.