VLT® Real-time Clock MCB 117 is now available for all VLT® drives

Thursday, 24 August, 2023

The VLT® Real-time Clock MCB 117 option, now available for all Danfoss VLT® drives, has a battery backup that keeps the system clock constantly on. This provides significant benefits throughout the lifetime of the drive and the facility in which it is incorporated.

When analyzing errors or alarms, knowing the exact time when the event occurred can be advantageous, sometimes even crucial. Having a precise time stamp helps you to better understand what has happened and, therefore, draw conclusions more accurately. A time stamp makes it easy to identify the causes of the event, as the data can easily be correlated with events that occurred on other devices.

The real-time clock MCB 117 option for advanced time-stamped data logging is now available for all devices in the VLT® drive range.

New VLT® drives can be delivered with the Real-Time Clock MCB 117 option already mounted on-board the drive and with a battery that ensures continuous performance for at least 10 years under standard environmental conditions. This not only reduces the time for installation and commissioning of the drive, but also at system level. This is because there is no need to reset the time and/or realign tasks between PLC and drive each time it is powered up.

The clock on the board remains synchronized with the clock on the drive. VLT® Real-Time Clock MCB 117 reads the time at the drive power-up, daily at 03:00 and if a device reset occurs.

As the end of battery life approaches, the VLT® Real-time Clock MCB 117 will issue a performance degradation warning. This allows the user to replace it with a new unit in the dedicated housing (D-slot) located on the board.

Benefits of the VLT® Real-time Clock MCB 117 Option

Previously, in VLT® drives, it was necessary to periodically charge or replace the battery, reprogramming the drive clock each time the drive is switched on: not an indifferent task. With the VLT® Real-time Clock MCB 117, a long-life battery is now available to keep the clock of all VLT® drives running and synchronized. This enables faster and more accurate data analysis if critical occurrences. It also simplifies commissioning and maintenance.

Programming can be carried out locally via the same drive, and remotely via VLT® MCT 10 setup software.