Reduce your carbon footprint with the new controller for bottle coolers and display cabinets (ERC)

Friday, 24 January, 2014

The new generation of ERC refrigeration controllers allows Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to benefit from all previous features of the ERC, and save even more energy with the new Danfoss ECOTM strategy. 

New features include ‘early wake-up’, ‘adaptive defrost’, and ‘automatic fan control’ functions all lead to even lower operational and management costs. This new offering is well suited for OEM production processes, offering 33% energy savings for glass door merchandisers and commercial refrigerators. 

“It is suitable for display cabinets and several other applications where cooling control is needed. In addition to realizing cost savings from energy consumption reduction, time and resources are saved on preproduction, prototyping, assembly and general maintenance costs -all without compromising quality,” Head of Marketing & Strategy in Danfoss Electronic Controllers & Services, Maureen Lally, explains.

Save energy and reduce carbon footprint 

Flexible routines and algorithms working with input from multiple sensors deliver both energy-saving routines and highly economical compressor, light, fan and defrost controls for increasingly cost-sensitive customers. 

Flexibility for optimal performance 

With approximately 200 parameters, ERC 112 is a mini-computer with a uniquely flexible design. Danfoss programming software and tools enable effective and fast parameter changes at any time using a USB connection. 

Savings on purchasing, assembly and service 

Reduces time-to-market by cutting prototyping project costs with lab-friendly software and makes production reliable by using a docking station. 

Assembly is fast and worry-free, using pre-cabled connectors and front mounting. 

Blank code stock is kept to a minimum: one code has all approvals and accommodates voltage from 100V to 240V. Personalize codes are programmed just-in-time for specific customer requirements. 

Trusted safety and reliability 

he outstanding quality of Danfoss components means that this IP65 rated (on front) controller is built to last, easily withstanding high compressor in-rush loads and cleaning with hosepipes. The controller can be used with Hydrocarbon refrigerants, and has passed global tests including UL, NSF, CQC, IEC/EN, Gost, Glow wire. 

A dedicated algorithm protects the compressor from an excessively high or low voltage and from issues caused by an unclean condenser, thus increasing the life of the cabinet components.

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