Danfoss is introducing a new family of entry-level case/refrigeration controllers for Food retail applications

Monday, 5 June, 2023

The new EKC 22x family brings modern, yet familiar design, convenient setting menu navigation, support for different sensor types, 16A compressor relay, and system integration to Danfoss front end s via EKA 206 RS-485 (Modbus) adapter. The new controllers and adapter will initially launch with CE and UL approvals with more to come.

Product highlights:

Several applications in same unit

Quick setup for fast commissioning

Digital inputs for various functions

Control of compressor or liquid line solenoid valve

High Effect 16A relay enables direct connection of heavy loads without use of intermediate relay: up to 2HP.

Compressors depending on its power factor and motor efficiency.

Alarm monitoring of condenser temperature with compressor stop protection.

Easy to integrate into Danfoss ADAP-KOOL® network.

The controllers can be programmed via KoolKey (EKA 200), which allows the connection of the EKC controllers to the PC application named “KoolProg”. Via KoolProg it is possible to perform on-line and off-line programming of the EKC controllers. It can also perform production line programming of multiple controllers and show on-line trend curves on selected parameters. KoolProg can also load controller setup files into the MPK - Mass Programming Key (EKA 201) which can be used for simple production line programming of EKC controllers.

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