China: BSE chillers contribute to completion of energy saving reform

Monday, 5 October, 2015

This energy saving reconstruction project using BSE modular chillers with high-efficient Danfoss Turbocor compressors has been listed as a reference project of the public building energy saving reform in Shanghai.
Five BSE modular chillers with high-efficient Danfoss Turbocor compressors make the Pudong Holiday Inn Hotel, Shanghai, “cool”. Today, the Shanghai Pudong Holiday Inn complies and exceeds the goals set in the 12th Five Year Program and continuously experiences tremendous energy savings and emission reductions. This comprehensive energy saving reconstruction project has been listed as a reference project of the public building energy saving reform in Shanghai.

Energy saving reconstruction program
In August 2012, Shanghai was chosen as one of the key cities of the 12th Five Year energy saving reconstruction Program and was requested to complete the single or multiple energy saving reforms of the existing public buildings of 4 million sqm before August 2014. After renovation, the energy consumption of the building area should be reduced by at least 20%. 

Project overview
The Shanghai Pudong Holiday Inn is a four-star level hotel which opened in 1998 and was modernized in 2008. The hotel includes 34 floors above ground and two floors underground, with a total area of 53,812sqm. 

There were 8 sets of 200TR (703kW) air-cooled screw heat pumps located in the technical room at the top of the 34th floor. These units were close to the end of their service life and had to be upgraded and reformed to improve efficiency and to reduce noise pollution.

Based on the running records of the heat pump units of the hotel and after comprehensive investigation and calculations, the design company chose to cooperate with Suzhou BSE Air Conditioning Co., LTD to adopt five BMMW-0525 BSE modular chillers each featuring one Danfoss Turbocor oil-free compressor. “The BSE modular chillers using oil-free Danfoss Turbocor compressors have a very wide application scope and bright perspective. Their compact and flexible design breaks through many restrictions of those of traditional units. The innovative technology of magnetic bearing and variable speed compressors in chillers enhances the operation revenues”, said George Li, General Manager of Danfoss Turbocor China. 

The cooling capacity of a single chiller is of 525kW for a total capacity of 2,625kW for the plant. To make the new air-conditioning systems run at high efficient conditions, BSE also renovated the Energy Loop control system. This chiller and control system is a complete solution that can provide automatic control and energy saving strategy for the overall temperature, flow and pressure of the chiller units, freezing water pumps, cooling water pumps and cooling towers. 

Installation by lift is a “première”
The old heat pump units were replaced with the new water-cooled chillers at the same position on 34thfloor.

The small size and light weight design of the BSE modular chillers with compact Danfoss Turbocor Chillers enabled the economical and easy installation by the lift in the building. 
The units were delivered to the garage at the first floor under ground, then lifted to the 33rd floor with the general elevator and from there hoisted to the machine room at the 34th floor by using sliding rails and the hoist. 
After the transportation of the five chillers to the machine room the units were installed and connected the water pipelines and powered by the BSE engineers. 

Running effects 
In 2014, an overall check of the entire chiller plant was performed and data was collected from July 26 - 29, 2014. Conclusion is that during the majority of time, the energy efficiency level of the chiller plant is of about 5.8-6.1 (0.57-0.6kW/RT). 
Based on the international chiller plant efficiency table, the efficiency performance of the entire chiller plant reaches an excellent level. 
The comparison of the energy consumption in 2013 and 2014 gives encouraging results with an average drop of 39% of the energy consumption between June and September.

This project also creates three “firsts” in the application of maglev oil-free chillers:

  • First installation in a super high rise building of oil-free magnetic bearing chillers featuring Danfoss Turbocor compressors
  • First transportation by a standard lift
  • First installation of oil-free modular chillers in Shanghai

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