DDS India participates in IndiaPlast- A global gathering of all things Plastic!

Wednesday, 10 April, 2019

Our objective of participation was to showcase our expertise in major plastic applications & highlight our drives suited for applications.

India Plast aims at bringing all the key stakeholders together and create a strong base for business collaborations. It is jointly organized by the Plastics Machinery Manufacturers Associations of India and Triune exhibitor Pvt Ltd.

It is an exclusive exhibition on Plastic Machinery and an Exhibition on Plastic Raw Materials; wherein 900+ exhibitors from 18 countries participated.

The exhibition showcased a demonstration of Integrated Motion Controller, Servo Motor & Motor Independence.

Danfoss demonstrated three different products at the exhibition.

• Integrated Motion Controller- The Danfoss Drives Integrated Motion Controller (IMC) is functionality configurable in the software of the VLT® Automation Drive FC 302 that enables an AC drive to perform high-precision positioning and synchronization operations without the need for additional modules or hardware.
• Motor Independence - A future proof solution, motor-independent drives can deliver an optimal performance of any motor both now and throughout the lifetime of the application. Having the same motor-independent drives installed throughout the entire plant mean there’s a lower spare parts stock inventory, simplified staff training, and more straightforward maintenance.
• Servo Motor - VLT® Automation Drive FC 302 can be used for servo motor applications wherein precise speed control is required. The speed feedback can be from an encoder or a resolver.

The exhibition was a hit with 50,000 + footfall (Total number of people who visited the exhibition). 

Danfossians’ Talk!

Mitesh Shah, Manager- Sales, DDS, shared his experience of attending the event and how it provided the sales team with an opportunity to meet new customers.

“The exhibition provided us with great visibility as Key Plastic OEM’s participated at this year’s India Plast. It gave us a platform to connect with our customers and bring a whole new dimension to our organization. It will also bring us more business to our segment and help us retain our key existing OEM and increase SOW.

Personally, I got the opportunity to meet 60+ customers at the event and was provided with an opportunity to market aggressively and with the right strategy.”

More about the Plastic industry

India’s Plastics Industry has the highest growth rate in the world and comprises of 25,000 + companies and over 3 million+ people.

With the increase in population and growing urbanization, it is important to tap the massive potential by organizing events such as IndiaPlast, that will bring exhibitors & visitors from various fields of plastics manufacturing and create a new gateway for Interaction, Inspiration & Innovation.