Net Zero Journey - Podcast Series

Our Journey to Net-Zero

We, at Danfoss believe engineering will lead the way to a better future by solving challenges and driving society forward every day. Tune-in to listen to our industry experts’ views on creating a sustainable urban ecosystem for tomorrow and India’s further and farther journey towards becoming Net Zero.

Episode 1: Commencing the Journey with Mr. Ravichandran, President- Danfoss India

Inaugurating our first episode with Mr. Ravichandran Purushothaman, President of Danfoss India; shares his view on India’s changing paradigm of cities contributing to more jobs & creating challenges in efficient energy access, energy transition and smart grid, leading to urgency of the need to decouple the energy & the urbanization to create a sustainable future for India.

Today’s efforts towards becoming energy efficient by many buildings are recognized by ACREX Hall of Fame recognition award, which are paving way for India’s sustainable urbanization outlook. Listen to find more.

Recorded: August 25, 2021

Episode 2: Talk on India‘s changing energy landscape with Mr. Sushil Choudhury, M.D. of Blowtech Air Devices

Here we are with a veteran, who is instrumental in defining the buildings of tomorrow, joining our podcast channel, Mr. Sushil Choudhury, opens up about his optimistic views on India’s urbanization and the urgency in conserving natural resources by adapting energy efficient technologies & implementing renewables throughout the country. He also shares his experience on ACREX Hall of Fame becoming the leading benchmark in the country for energy efficient buildings. Tune-in to listen more about his views.

Recorded: September 1, 2021