Transforming into smart buildings with IoT-enabled HVAC Hydronics system


Almost 90% of our time is spent in the buildings where heating and air conditioning are the major expenditure. With the advancement in technology, buildings are being transformed with the help of smart HVAC control systems, which help regulate the costs and guarantee that the HVAC transformation works effectively. Using loT in HVAC systems, the equipment can switch on and off automatically at predefined intervals, provide the energy consumption stats, capture the environmental conditions and send signals when measurements exceed the required limits. There is a potential to save 30% energy on average by optimizing the technical building management systems.

Danfoss has a host of connected systems focused on bringing about digital transformation in buildings. Danfoss is continuously engineering additional smart HVAC control systems and refining our existing systems to advance the capability of the Building Management System (BMS).

Danfoss products for digital HVAC transformation:

NovoCon digital actuator:

Danfoss has developed an innovative actuator named NovoCon to integrate loT in HVAC, to carry out hydronic balancing and control with the help of BACnet or Modbus operating in Building Management Systems (BMS). Danfoss’ NovoCon has revolutionized the combined functioning of hydronic balancing and HVAC control. This innovative and advanced digital HVAC actuator is directly connected with the BMS, which empowers the system integrators to design state-of-art Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

NovoCon can replace BMS components, and through the use of a daisy-chain, bus communication provides the BMS with up-to-date system data. All the information captured provides the BMS with detailed insights and remote access for the digital HVAC transformation, which is used to optimize the performance, improve indoor comfort and establish energy-efficient buildings. The NovoCon actuator performs multiple functions like a bus communication device, flow indicator, and a data logger.

AB-QM Pressure Independent Control Valves (PICV)

AB-QM Pressure Independent Balancing and Control Valves (PICV) carry out dual functions; while acting as a control functionality, it also provides a dynamic balancing solution for HVAC heating and cooling systems. PICVs are designed for different types of Fan Coil Units (FCU), air handling units (AHU), terminal units, and chillers. These valves enhance indoor comfort and provide energy efficiency in commercial and public buildings. The simple setting of the design flow replaces traditional commissioning procedures, provides more accurate controls and reduces the system designer's task of kV calculations.

Benefits of NovoCon digital actuator for loT HVAC application

Cost-saving in HVAC transformation: Using Danfoss' advanced digital actuators, connectivity cost for the system and the installation costs are reduced. NovoCon integrates valuable data for the building user and owners, which eventually helps lower maintenance costs for the facility.

Continuous commissioning advantages: The data from NovoCon based smart HVAC control systems can be retrieved and analyzed to optimize the HVAC system. Wherever adaptations and settings related to design flows are required, it can easily be done on some or all actuators in unison. Uninterrupted monitoring and commissioning of the system using NovoCon help save time and costs throughout the building life cycle.

Remote functionality: Using the bus communication and BMS system, all actuators can be remotely accessed; this saves a lot of time during the installation, commissioning, and operation phase of the system.

Flexibility in all the operations: The designers and system integrators of BMS systems would surely realize customized HVAC transformation for every project. Whenever the building user plans to refurbish the building, the smart HVAC control system can be modified accordingly without any physical adjustments to the BMS mechanisms.

Predictive maintenance support: NovoCon based smart HVAC control system transforms the system so they need not wait for the failure of HVAC components, raise complaints, then move forward with time-consuming urgent and disturbing service procedures. Instead, these digital actuators provide inputs regarding where and when the issue might occur, and preventive actions can be taken to resolve them proactively.


NovoCon digital actuator and AB-QM PICV, when working together, are revolutionary for loT HVAC application and state-of-the-art building management system. Danfoss targets to achieve the highest possible efficiency in every building. The possibilities offered by NovoCon are very innovative and highly advanced. Danfoss continues to make efforts to expand the functionalities of this digital HVAC actuator. The latest software updates provide more opportunities to transform the building into a more comfortable living space and increase rentability at lesser costs. To know more, write to us at