Smart Hospitals - Enabling Indoor comfort and care for every patient

The HVAC facilities account for around 65% of the energy consumption. Hence, incorporating energy efficient technologies help reduce the harmful impact on the environment, lowers operational costs, and enhances indoor air quality.

HVAC solutions are very essential for healthcare facilities, not only for maintaining comfortable thermal conditions and controlling humidity for every patient but also for maintaining a hygienic & germ-free environment. This is mainly to enhance the well-being of patients and to reduce the possible spread of diseases. Smart hospitals have made it possible to integrate traditional discrete facility systems to become intelligent and technologically advanced hospital HVAC systems, thereby resulting in substantial improvements in patient safety & comfort, and a reduction in the overall cost. Danfoss offers future-facing technologies to enable smart hospital buildings with a state-of-the-art HVACR system.

Smart HVAC in healthcare systems and their prominence

‍Smart hospitals offer a reduced risk of infection, improved hygiene factors and better air quality while at the same time promoting patient thermal comfort and optimising energy efficiency. Danfoss intelligent HVAC technologies help hospitals lead this digital transformation by analytically addressing the key drivers of every modern healthcare facility. This inclusive approach providesSmart hospitals an  opportunity to address all the HVAC challenges of the present and the future.

Danfoss intelligent HVAC technologies include:

Intelligent drives that provide healthy solutions for hospitals

The impact of Industry 4.0 on motor systems is a migration from the “automation pyramid” to “networked systems”. This means that the various elements of the system, such as motors, drives, sensors and controls, are interconnected and connected to a cloud - a data center where data is stored, processed, analyzed, and decisions are made.

Danfoss variable speed drives open new opportunities in the Industry 4.0 automation network. Traditionally, drives have been considered power processors for controlling the motor speed. Today, drives are also part of the information chain, using the advantage of built-in processing power, storage capacity, and communication interface, within the drive.

With the availability of sensor data, condition-based and predictive maintenance is now possible. Such maintenance strategies use actual sensor data to determine the condition of the equipment in service (condition-based maintenance) or to detect the potential failure before an actual failure occurs. This can help avoid downtime in operation critical spaces like hospitals

Engineering HVAC 4.0 for Smart hospitals

The HVAC transition innovation (known as HVAC 4.0), targets to intelligently transform the hospitals by making them more energy-efficient, intelligent and offers better indoor comfort. Danfoss' HVAC technologies include oil-free compressor, Digital Actuator, Heat Exchanger connected through Building Management Systems (BMS) and other cloud-based solutions, provide data for Active Energy Management (AEM) via BMS. Ultimately this HVAC data helps in predictive maintenance, remote commissioning, and optimized HVAC operations, making hospitals smarter.

Connected Systems Technology

Connected systems focus on providing real-time status of technical hospital infrastructure data, which can be used for analysis and enhancements of the HVAC system to provide better comfort and higher efficiency characteristics. These connected technologies through internet accessibility provide significant budget and time savings in the overall process.

Danfoss NovoCon and AB-QM, a digital hydronic system for your hospital HVAC includes a variety of connected systems which supports the digital transition of HVAC systems in hospitals. These technological solutions integrate automatic energy meter reading, digital actuators for PICVs, SCADA for electronic controllers, a web-based software for service personnel to streamline system service & to commission and allows remote monitoring and control from a PC or smartphone app.

Danfoss is ready to embrace the digitally transformed future with its wide-ranging portfolio of innovative and technologically advanced smart sensor solutions for monitoring & controlling pressure, position, and temperature. Danfoss’ smart sensors across various applications, make use of the self-diagnostic feature of the sensors to enhance safety, amplify efficiency, and decrease downtime.

In Conclusion

Smart hospitals systems promote accurate control of humidity, temperature, ventilation and lighting, which empowers hospitals to achieve their energy savings and sustainability targets more efficiently. We at Danfoss, with extensive experience in Smart hospital solutions, highly advanced HVAC solutions and expert services, help you in revolutionizing the efficiency of the system. Using Danfoss’ Smart hospital solutions, you can target to improve the flexibility and scalability of your hospital HVAC system. To know more, write to