Is Turbocor Redefining Smart Technology?

As the surge in urbanization and the transformation to smart cities is gaining more momentum, the wave of smart technology is ahead with each passing day and is changing the way we live. With the rising need for smart buildings to become a norm, the world is on a lookout for technology that constantly challenges itself to improve the experience of the end user while simultaneously being more economically and environmentally responsible.

As Turbocor® compressor - the world’s first oil-free magnetic bearing compressor for the HVAC industry, recognizes itself as the technology of tomorrow, it often analyses its product on its capability to improve how smart cities work. While the definition of smart cities is limited to its ability to collect and analyze data, with an intricately connected system, today, the consumer expects much more of them.

How does Turbocor enhance the smart-ness of a building or city?

Through its Intelligence, Versatility, and Future Readiness.

Each of these features are an integral part of how Turbocor contributes to the improved living conditions of the occupants while bolstering the process of ease in maintenance and its reduced cost. The current consumer and designers of technology understand the fact that each individual user has unique demands of the same product, and these demands can themselves be constantly evolving. Hence, it is unsurprising that the future is imagined with no place for devices that aren’t intelligent, versatile, and responsible. Leading the way into this future is the oil-free Turbocor technology for an audience that is actively on the lookout for the next big thing in the industry.

Turbocor stands out for its intelligent capability of monitoring itself through data logging, alerts, and smart prognosis. By capturing and storing various data parameters received from sensors and components, it provides the user the capability to analyze and review their equipment’s performance. Aided with the easy to use TurboTool app, the relevant information is easily available for the service personnel to carry out inspections. Turbocor also interfaces with chiller controllers providing live data for better integration with the chiller. Designed with the capability to protect itself through difficult conditions, during power outages or extreme fluctuations, Turbocor senses these fluctuations within half a millisecond and responds intelligently. It switches to generator mode and uses its onboard capacitor banks as reservoirs to coast the shafts down, protecting itself. These qualities allow the user the power to utilize the product in total accordance with the needs of the building while ensuring the product is functioning at its absolute best.

Turbocor also offers great versatility to a wide range of audience. Turbocor’s centrifugal compressors have the flexibility to be used in air-cooled, water-cooled or evaporative cooled chillers operating in a wide range of applications such as comfort cooling, low-temperature process, ice storage and heat recovery. Permanent magnet motors and variable speed drives provide unmatched full and part load efficiency, making Turbocor most adaptable to changing external and internal loads. The fluidity and flexibility of the Turbocor enables it to be a great fit in various segments such as airports, hospitality, metros, healthcare and pharma, data centres, and malls. 

The refrigerant types

Turbocor understands the need to be future ready to truly be SMART technology. Refrigerants are classified on the basis of their Global Warming Potentials and the future lies in low GWP refrigerants. Turbocor is available with an environmentally friendly refrigerant that causes no ozone depletion potential. It also allows extremely easy transition into R134a and low GWP, A1 non-flammable R513A, R515B, and ultra-low GWP HFO1234ze, Turbocor is a responsible technology that achieves the highest output with the lowest carbon footprint in light of the changing environmental needs and public regulations. Adopting the Turbocor route will lower the 25% global energy usage attributed to industries and support smart cities alike.  


While these are some of the factors that cement Turbocor’s place in developing smart cities, the technology is loaded with features that could push what is expected of them. As a global leader that has over 70,000 compressors installed in job sites around the world, the Turbocor composites technology is paving a path towards intelligent, versatile, and future ready day to day living.


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